Effectiveness Of Birth Control Methods When you become sexually active, the most dominant question in everyone’s mind is the birth control method that has to be adopted. There are many birth control options that you can try based on your convenience.

Each birth control method has its pros and cons and assessing each one for its effectiveness is important before you even start using it. Here is what you can expect with each method.

Effectiveness Of Birth Control Methods

Contraceptive Pills

One of the most preferred birth control methods, pills have to be taken on a daily basis to be effective. They are synthetic hormones that help in preventing ovulation and keep the cervical mucous thick so that the sperms cannot enter the cervix.

Pills must be taken every day, failing which you can become pregnant. If you forget your pills for a couple of days, it is important to use other birth control measures to keep yourself from becoming pregnant. Birth control pills if taken regularly give 99% results and hence are very effective.

Birth Control Injections

Effectiveness Of Birth Control Methods

These are easier versions of the birth control pills. Hormone is injected into the body and the effects will last for up to 13 weeks depending on the kind of injection used. The injection has to be repeated every few weeks.

In case you forget to repeat the injection in the time specified, other forms of contraception like a condom has to be used in order to prevent pregnancy. Injections have less than 1% failure rate.

Birth Control Patches

A patch works in the same way as the injection or a pill. The only difference is the method employed in introducing the hormones into the body. A patch is worn on the skin for three weeks and the next week you will have bleeding. Patches have to be worn on the same day every week and have less one percent failure rate.

Effectiveness Of Birth Control Methods

Spermicides are used inside the vaginal canal. They come in the form of foams or jellies and destroy the sperms when they come in contact with the chemicals. Spermicides have 8% failure rate as some of the sperms can still escape the action of spermicides and fertilise the egg, leading to pregnancy.


A diaphragm is a device that is made of rubber and is used for covering the cervical opening so that sperms do not enter for fertilisation. However, it has a high failure rate of up to 20% and is mostly used along with spermicides to increase its efficiency.

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Condom is the most commonly used temporary birth control measures. It is good in that it can protect against sexually transmitted diseases as well. A condom which is made of latex, lamb intestine or polyurethane must be in good condition to be able to protect against pregnancy. It has to be inserted over on an erect penis or into the vagina in the case of a female condom.

Natural Planning
Effectiveness Of Birth Control Methods

Natural family planning is the method used for planning intercourse only on safe days and abstaining or relying on foreplay or withdrawal method during days that are unsafe. This too is not reliable as ovulation cycle can change and wreak havoc in some women.