How To Deal With A Heavy Menstruation

Heavy Menstruation

Heavy menstruation or periods is fairly common in women and can be the source of angst, embarrassment and discomfort. This condition is also called as menorrhagia. There are several reasons why women get heavy periods.

Genes, disease or an underlying, medical condition can all contribute towards a heavy period. Heavy periods are not only inconvenient and stressful but they can also be painful for the women if she also suffers from cramps. There are several ways by which a woman can deal with a heavy menstruation.

How To Deal With A Heavy Menstruation

Take Painkillers

One of the best ways to lighten your period is to start taking painkillers one day prior. Painkillers like ibuprofen are particularly effective.


However, you can also speak to your doctor to advise you a suitable drug. Painkillers not only give respite from the pain but also reduce the heaviness of the flow.

Wear Double Pads

To prevent embarrassment due to stains, make sure you wear double pads. Use pads which are extra long and give protection from side stains. If you are out for long, wear double pads and make sure to carry 1-2 extra in your hand bag. You can also switch over to tampons which tackle the flow without staining your underwear.

Take Iron Supplementation

Excessively heavy flow is likely to leave you feeling anemic and fatigued. Your hemoglobin count is likely to drop with a very heavy flow.

Iron Supplements

Make sure you take iron supplementation so as to not get anemic. Eat a nutritious diet which is high on iron like kidney beans, organ meats and spinach.

Get An Ultrasound Done

Chronically long and heavy periods are never a good sign. It is wise to get an ultrasound done to rule out any underlying medical factors that may be causing the problem.


An ultrasound will look for polyps, fibroids or endometriosis all of which cause heavy bleeding. If these anomalies are detected, the doctor will ask you to undergo treatment after which you should start to feel better.


Regular exercise is a great way of regulating the hormones in the body and giving you a pain free experience.


It has been researched and determined that women who take exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from heavy bleeding vis-à-vis women who do not undertake any exercise at all.

Heating Pads And Hot Bottles

For some women, heavy periods are a norm rather than the exception. In such cases, you just need to grit your teeth and bear with it. A normal, heavy flow can be dealt with by using warm heating pads or a hot water bottle which eases the cramps and reduces the pain.

Hot Bottles

Place the hot water bottle on your abdominal area and rest with it for some time. This is likely to reduce the flow and the heavy cramping.


The oral contraceptive pill is a great technique for reducing or minimizing heavy periods. Most women suffering from heavy periods are put on oral contraceptive pills.


These pills reduce the intensity and flow of the periods and women tend to get scantier periods while on the pill. This also gives them additional protection against a pregnancy.