How To Deal With Body Acne During Summer

How To Deal With Body Acne During Summer

Summer season is the time when your pores get blocked due to excessive sweating, accumulation of dust, grime and dirt and extreme oiliness of the skin. This is the time when body acne becomes worse as the skin is more exposed to pollution and sweat. Body acne can be kept under control with some care and time at home.

Ways To Treat Body Acne During Summer

1. Stick To Loose Clothes

Wearing loose clothes during summer can help in preventing the sweat from evaporating as a result of good air circulation. It will also prevent bacterial action due to sweat getting accumulated on the skin surface and blocking the pores, causing body acne. Tight clothes will cause the sweat to cling to the skin and cause clogged pores and bacterial build up. This is especially a problem with athletes who are sweating all the time. They can wear clothes with moisture wicking properties to prevent body acne from breaking out during summer.

Choose Loose Clothes

2. Shower Regularly

Showering at least a couple of times a day will help in preventing bacteria from entering the pores and causing acne breakouts. During summer season, people are more prone to sweating profusely and sweating attract dust, grime and dirt along with bacteria that fills the pores and lead to body acne. Therefore, ensure that you shower regularly and keep your skin clean.

3. Exfoliation

Another cause of body acne is the accumulation of dead skin cells as a result of lack of exfoliation. Though this problem is more severe in the winter months, accumulation of dead skin cells during summer can aggravate body acne as the skin will also have oil, dirt and grime along with dead cells which will cause the skin to become rough and course, thus causing skin eruptions like body acne more terrible. Exfoliating the skin with an apricot scrub must be done at least thrice a week during summer season. Exfoliation can also be done with a loofah or using a sugar and coffee scrub as well. For sensitive skin, after the exfoliation process, you can use an Alpha Hydroxy moisturising cream to avoid skin irritation and dryness.

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4. Natural Treatments

If you want to avoid over the counter acne medications, there are many natural methods that can be followed for treating body acne. Tea tree oil is a great remedy for treating body acne and removing the bacterial action on the skin. Dilute tea tree oil ad apply on the body acne with a cotton ball. Leave it on for half an hour and wash off.

Apple cider vinegar is another wonderful remedy for treating body acne. Apply directly on the body acne and leave it on for an hour. Aloe vera too can be used for controlling acne formations. Aloe vera helps in removing acne and also in preventing scar formation on the skin due to its skin regenerative properties.A simple and wonderful anti bacterial agent and skin regenerating treatment straight from the kitchen is turmeric. Apply turmeric powder on the body acne and leave it on until it is dry. Turmeric removes excess oil from the skin and bacteria as well.