How To Deal With Breast Cancer Depression

Deal With Breast Cancer Depression

Deal With Breast Cancer Depression Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be a kick in the gut. Many women have reported experiencing a range of emotions like sadness, hurt and denial. Most women also wonder why they are the ones afflicted with the disease. There is also a distinct loss of interest in day-to-day activities.

There are tremendous financial implications of having to cope with breast cancer. The disease also takes a considerable emotional toll on the woman and her family. Support systems are also heavily strained. Women who are the primary caretakers of their family also have to battle constant weakness, lethargy and fatigue with chemo sessions and work out practical arrangements of caring for their families.

Tips To Deal With Breast Cancer Depression

Where To Get Help

A full-blown episode of depression is a disease and requires psychological intervention. Get in touch with your practitioner who will refer you to a qualified counsellor or psychiatrist. Depression is highly treatable and the sooner you take help for it the faster are your chances of recovery. At times anti-depressants may also be prescribed to help deal with depression.

Helping Yourself

It is also very important to take the following steps to get over your depression and gain active control over the disease.

Spend Time With Good People

Deal With Breast Cancer Depression

It is important to seek out your friends at this crucial juncture especially those who give you profound happiness. Spend some time with them and allow them to help you cope with the depression. Go out if you can. See movies or attend friendly get togethers. It will also keep you distracted from the disease.

Do Things That You Enjoy

Bouts of chemotherapy can be taxing, so now is the time to take plenty of rest and do what you enjoy doing. Spend time in the bed reading or listening to music. If you feel up to it indulge in some gardening.

Say No

Learn to say ‘no’ to activities that you cannot take on. Resign from work and let your other family members take on some share of your responsibilities. It is after all the right thing to do.

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Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Deal With Breast Cancer Depression

Alcohol can play havoc with your body and aggravate the spread of the cancer, so make sure you ban alcohol from your life. It can also make you feel more depressed.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise such as walking can prove to be a stress buster so make sure you get enough of it. It will also allow your body to become stronger and help you to overcome fatigue, which has now become your constant companion.

Join Breast Cancer Support Groups

Make sure you enrol in a breast cancer support group and take advice from other women who are suffering from the same affliction. This will help you gain more understanding and awareness about your symptoms and help you cope with them. You will also feel that you are not alone in fighting off the disease. Just the sheer impact of being in the same room with breast cancer sufferers or survivors can give you tremendous solace.