How To Deal With Constipation During Pregnancy

is the most beautiful phase of being a woman. But if care is not taken this feeling can get hampered.

Constipation is one such problem that causes physical and emotional discomfort to the pregnant lady. Let’s see one by one the easy ways to overcome constipation.

Treat Constipation Through Physical Exercise

Pregnancy does not mean that you don’t work out! In fact, going for nice long walks and getting some sweat out of your body is extremely good for your physique and mind. This not only keeps your stomach light but also helps in good bowel movements. Walking is a safe and the most tried and tested way of working out during pregnancy. At your own comfort, set your pace and enjoy the work out!

Squats are also good form of exercise during pregnancy as it strengthens the pelvic muscles to make them flexible for easy delivery. Squat for a while and slowly get up, repeat this 5- 10 times or as per your comfort level. Make sure you have support so that you don’t fall. This exercise obviously works on your intestine too, and helps in the bowel movement. When done with your meals go for a light walk and also sit for 5 minutes in vajrasana (sitting straight with your knees folded and your hips resting on your heels).

Treat Constipation Through Easy Home Remedies

Have lots of fluids; ensure a good intake of water and fresh juices without sugar. Having curd in a good quantity is also a great way to relieve constipation.

Ask your mother to make lady’s finger in less oil. Eat it in a good quantity, It’s not only good for constipation but also great fro your and baby’s brain too. Have the practice of consuming lady’s finger every alternate day especially if you are having chronic constipation.

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Consume lots of Apples. Apples are great source of fiber. Have them first thing in the morning, and see the difference. Apples are recommended in pregnancy for iron intake.

Have fresh gooseberries (amla) first thing in the morning. This is again a very rich source of fiber, vitamin c and iron. It’s great for you and your baby’s eyes.

If you like sea food, then having oily fishes like tuna is again very good as it lubricates your internal organs with the precious fish oil.

Have sprouted green gram (whole moong dal) in the morning, make a nice salad out of it using tomatoes and cucumbers. This is a very high source of fiber and proteins and minerals and vitamins.

Whenever required, use black salt over your salad or apples or gooseberries etc. This is very good at releasing gas and easing constipation.

Apart from consuming the above, restrict your intake of complex carbohydrates like flour, white flour.

When eating salad don’t club any cereal like bread or anything else with it. Fill your stomach fully with the salad/apples/fish.

All these tips will surely help you to get relieved of the constipation within a week (maximum).