How To Deal With Excessive Menstrual Flow

Deal With Excessive Menstrual Flow Heavy menstrual bleeding is very common in young pubescent girls who have just started menstruating. Often there is nothing to worry about as moderately heavy periods are quite common in girls and women. Heavy menstrual flow is also called as menorrhagia.

In rare cases it indicates an abnormality like severe endometriosis or uterine fibroids and tumours. In normal cases however, the bleeding can be easily controlled and dealt with.

Dealing With Excessive Menstrual Flow

Stock Up On Iron

A very heavy flow can leave you weak and nauseated as it also reduces the amount of iron and hemoglobin in the body. To counter this, eat a diet that is rich in iron. Having to counter anaemia along with a heavy period may not be one of the most pleasant experiences.

Deal With The Pain

Often heavy periods are accompanied by killer cramps. If you are feeling or experiencing cramps in the body, ensure that you take a suitable painkiller. There is no point in suffering the agony.

Deal With The Pain

If you are averse to taking medication, try a hot water bath or applying a hot water bottle to your stomach. This should relieve you of your pain.

Stock Up On Pads And Tampons

Young girls experiencing heavy periods may find themselves in embarrassing situations especially if they stain their underpants and clothes. Always keep pads handy and change them as often as you can. Wash your privates and keep them clean.

Change panties and wear well fitting cotton underwear only that does not permit leaks. When you choose sanitary towels, choose super absorbent ones which have more staying power.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated will keep you feeling energized especially during those days. The flow tends to be the heaviest in the first two days so keep yourself well sustained by sipping on fruit juices and water.

Take Rest

Heavy and painful periods may prevent you from completing your normal chores and tasks. Take rest on the first day of the period.

Take Rest

Many women find themselves suffering a severe setback because of their heavy periods. In any case don’t punish yourself but take rest.

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Skip The Exercise

If you have been working out zealously it is good but avoid overdoing the exercise during the heavy days of your menstrual cycle. This will only enhance your flow. Skip the workout and take complete rest to allow your body to bounce back.

It is also a good idea to refrain from doing abdominal crunches and other exercises. These put unnecessary strain on the uterus and may give rise to heavy bleeding.

Use Tampons

Many women favour tampons over the use of sanitary towels. Tampons are inserted deep into the vagina and do a better job of absorbing the blood from the body.

Use Tampons

There are also fewer chances of leakages occurring with tampons. Keep a stash of tampons with you in your purse and make sure you change them at regular intervals.

Do Not Take Aspirin

Avoid taking aspirin especially if you have heavy bleeding. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner and may enhance the bleeding.