How To Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant

How To Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant

How To Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant Some side effects of pregnancy often spoil the excitement and joy of the impending motherhood and hot flashes is one amongst them. Most women are caught unaware of this symptom of pregnancy and struggle to beat this problem. Sudden hot flashes can attack you at any time of the day.

Fluctuating hormonal levels, increased basal metabolic rate and a rise in the brain’s regulatory functions are the underlying causes of hot flashes in pregnancy. One may experience hot flashes in the initial stages which linger throughout the term. Hot flashes in the postpartum stage are also quite common.

About 50% pregnant women feel intense heat in the upper parts of the body mainly chest, neck, head and face accompanied by perspiration which may last for 30 seconds to five minutes. About 24% of them experience hot flashes throughout their body. Pregnancy hot flashes subside naturally, but you may need to check with your doctor whether you are suffering from fever or not. That will require special treatment.

Tips to Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant

Dealing with hot flashes when pregnant is not a daunting task. Few lifestyle changes and application of common sense will help you to tackle this problem easily.

Stay Away From Triggers

Sort out the triggers and stay away from them to treat hot flashes when you are pregnant. You may crave for spicy dishes, but these are the most common triggers for hot flashes.

How To Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant

Give up your unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking not only trigger hot flashes but are dangerous for the growing fetus. Avoid hot showers, caffeinated beverages, hot drinks and diet pills.

Avoid Hot Surroundings

Pregnancy hot flashes worsen during the summer. Adjust the thermostat of your room to the desired temperature level. Try to remain indoors most of the time and avoid going out in broad daylight. You can use a small battery operated fan at your workplace to beat sudden hot flashes. Switch off the room lights and relax in darkness for sometime. This will have a soothing effect on your brain’s regulatory functions automatically cooling down your body. Avoid crowds and gatherings.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Your summer apparel will be most handy to treat hot flashes in pregnancy. Wear loose fitting cotton outfits at home and at your workplace. Loose cotton outfits allow better air circulation in your body reducing the heat sensation. Body hugging outfits will aggravate your problem. Cotton shorts, shirts with paper thin sleeves, light tank tops, round necked T-shirts and sleeveless cotton night gowns should be your preferred garments. Dress in layers whenever you go outdoors so that you can switch back and forth to get the desired comfort.

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Drink More Water

Water is the best thermo regulator of your body and pregnancy demands more water consumption. If your water consumption in the pre- conception period is 2 liters per day, add one or two liters more during pregnancy. Drinking chilled water will provide quick relief from the hot flashes.

How To Deal With Hot Flashes When Pregnant

You may carry chilled bottled water while going out. Add few ice cubes to your fruit juices to keep you cool in pregnancy. A glass of ice cold tea will rejuvenate your body and mind. Avoid drinking too much of ice cold water else you may catch cold and fever.

Enjoy Cool Showers

Spare your bathroom geyser and enjoy cool showers 2-3 times a day to reduce hot flashes in pregnancy. Occasional dip in the swimming pool is beneficial as well. Your hot flashes will go off instantly leaving you refreshed for hours. If frequent cold showers do not suit you, enjoy tub bathing in tepid water.

Practice Deep Breathing

Hot flashes in pregnancy aggravate with stress build up. Practice deep breathing and meditation regularly to tackle this problem. Simple deep breathing exercises regulate the functions of the brain reducing the intensity of hot flashes when you are pregnant. Deep breathing is a great stress buster which relaxes your brain. Sit calmly and take deep breaths for 10-15 minutes whenever you experience hot flashes.