How To Deal With Menstruation Smell

One thing, which most young girls and women fret about, is the awful smell emanating from their vagina while they are on their period. This is also called as menstruation odour. The menstrual blood combined with sweat and germs in the vagina, produces a really offensive odour. While this is normal, it can be acutely embarrassing especially if people around you start avoiding you. It also reflects poorly on your personal hygiene. You can tackle menstruation smell by some simple and effective ways.

Effective Ways to Deal With Menstruation Smell

1. Try Cloth Pads

The synthetic variety of pads maybe super absorbent but they do a less than ideal job of camouflaging menstrual odour. This is especially true during the hot summer months when women also tend to sweat profusely. In such cases, you can switch to cotton or cloth pads. The only glitch here is that you will have to change them frequently. Cotton pads are more hygienic as they do not trap the blood on the surface and so there are lesser chances of getting foul odour.

2. Use Tampons

An excellent alternative for women grappling with menstruation smell is to use tampons. These are super absorbent and are inserted deep inside the vagina. This negates the bad smell, as there is no blood coming out towards the surface. Of course, the tampons need to be inserted deep inside the vagina for them to be effective against menstrual odour. Make sure to change them often.

3. Wash Yourself Well

Be a stickler for good hygiene and wash your vaginal area well with warm water as soon as you change a pad. Just plain water is good to cleanse the pubic area thoroughly.

4. Trim the Pubic Hair

Another reason why women suffer from an overpowering menstruation smell is due to the thick and bushy growth of pubic hair. Blood and sweat tend to get stuck to the hair and this also becomes difficult to clean with every wash. A good solution is to trim the pubic hair and keep it clean. This will make it easier to wash and clean your vaginal area.

5. Change Pads Frequently

Some women are absent minded and tend to forget that they are on their period. It is recommended that women change pads as frequently as possible in order to escape the foul and unpleasant menstrual odour. This is an easy solution to getting rid of menstrual odour.

6. Avoid the Use of Scented Pads

Do not use scented pads and tampons while you are on your period. These upset and disturb the normal pH balance of the vagina and encourage the growth of the bad bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria multiply to produce the foul odour. Stick to soft cotton pads for best results.

7. Shower Twice A Day

When you are on your period, you also need to shower twice a day. This will not only get rid of the menstrual odour, but the smell of fresh soap will keep your body smelling clean and sweet. This will also effectively mask the menstrual smell.

8. Wash Your Hands

Make sure you always wash your hands well after changing pads and cleaning yourself. This is because the remnants of menstrual blood can stay on your fingers and lead to an unpleasant smell. You can also use a good scented cream and soap after washing your hands well.

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9. Change Your Panties

You also need to change your panties 2-3 times a day especially if you are on your period. This is because there is a chance of blood staining your panties and leaving an offensive odour. Change your panty every time you change your pad.

10. Use Super Absorbent Pads

If you are bleeding heavily, there are chances that you will also smell awful. Switch to super absorbent pads especially on the first two days of the flow when it is likely to be really heavy. The thick absorbency of the pads is likely to mask any unpleasant odour from the vagina, which would otherwise have been felt.

11. Use Body Spray

If you are attending an important function or seminar, the last thing you will want is to be smelt a mile away. Use a good body spray or deodorant, which is long lasting and will do a good job in masking unpleasant smells.

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12. Be Prepared For Emergencies

If you are going to be out the entire day, make sure that you are well prepared for all emergencies. Carry a stash of pads with you at all times. Make sure that you also have an extra set of panties in case you stain yourself. If you soak through a pad, there is an increased likelihood of leaving an unpleasant smell behind.

13. Do Not Be Overly Stressed

Many women get unduly stressed with the way their vagina smells. Don‘t be worried as it is perfectly normal for the vagina to emit an odour. As long as the odour is not extremely offensive, you should be able to deal with it.

14. Disposal

Another reason why people can smell out your period is the improper disposal of your pads and tampons. Make sure you have a period bag in which you correctly dispose of all used pads and tampons. Make sure they go into the garbage bin at the right time otherwise the smell will get really awful.

15. Do Not Flush Pads And Tampons

Never flush tampons and pads as they create an environmental hazard and can put a burden on environmental sewage disposal. It can also create a widespread stink and clog sewage lines so be wary of flushing pads and tampons.

16. See A Doctor

If with the help of the above remedies, your odour problem is not resolved, make sure you see a good doctor. There are chances that you might be suffering from a vaginal infection. It is also wise to refrain from wearing tight and restrictive clothes during your periods as this can aggravate the menstruation smell and make matters worse for you.

See A Doctor

These useful tips and tricks will help you to overcome an unpleasant menstrual odour and keep your vagina clean and healthy during your menstrual period.