5 Ways To Deal With Symptoms Of PMS Irritability

PMS Irritability

Post menstrual irritability is something that all women have to deal with every month. Though PMS cannot be stopped entirely, the symptoms can be greatly relieved through many ways.

Certain lifestyle changes, natural remedies and the right diet and supplements can help in keeping your body free from the ill effects of PMS. The symptoms will greatly improve and in some cases stop completely with these simple changes and you can go ahead with your daily routine without disruption.

Discussed below are certain suggestions that help in dealing with PMS irritability. Mood swings and irritability can not only get on your nerves, but can put off others too.

Ways To Deal With PMS Irritability


Exercise is the best way to keep healthy and deal with mood changes that affect PMS sufferers. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety and prevents the release of stress hormones that cause irritability and anxiety.


Frequent exercise can release endorphins and serotonin into the brain, making you feel good about yourself and helping your come out of depression and irritability. At least half an hour of exercise must be incorporated in your everyday life to get benefit for your body and mind and prevent PMS irritability from cropping up.

Diet Changes

Diet plays a great role in alleviating or aggravating the symptoms of PMS. PMS irritability can be reduced greatly with diet restrictions. Stimulating drinks like caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar must be stopped entirely during these days.

Diet Changes

You must also stay away from junk food. Try including more fresh vegetables and fruits and drink gallons of water to avoid dehydration and toxic build up. Fresh fruits and vegetables give you the right nutrients to sail through the PMS symptoms and irritability.


Taking vitamin and mineral supplements have proved to be greatly beneficial for many women by aiding in alleviating the symptoms of PMS irritability. Women may not get all the right nutrients and adequate amounts of it through diet alone.


Calcium supplements taken in right quantities help in busting negative mood that can affect the endocrine system of the body which produces hormones. Other supplements that are needed in excess during the PMS days are vitamin B6 which is necessary for nerve health, vitamin E for stronger immune system and magnesium.


Herbs like chamomile and lavender are very soothing and relaxing and can be taken as tea when you have symptoms of PMS irritability.


A tablespoon of dried chamomile or lavender can be added in boiling water and steeped for 15 minutes before taking it 2-3 times a day. Aromatherapy too can be done with essential oils like lavender oil to relax and keep away from PMS irritability.

Relaxation Methods

Meditation and yoga are great holistic practices that can be adapted into your life to ease PMS irritability and for overall mental and physical stability and health.


Along with these, you can also try massage therapy with essential oils and also to increase blood circulation in the entire body. Other simple ways by which you can practice relaxation is by listening to music, socialising, or taking a warm bath.