How To Determine The Best Time For Breast Implant Surgery

best time for breast implant surgery

best time for breast implant surgery Considering the fact that there are many risks, complications and limitations associated with a breast augmentation, a lot of factors will have to be taken into consideration while undergoing the surgery.

Many women who have undertaken the procedure early on in life come to regret it later and wish that they had postponed their surgery or had done it later.

This is why it is important to consider all the risks and complications before hand and choose the best time that would suit your augmentation procedure. Many factors like health of the patient, anatomy, age and several preferences in life have to be considered before deciding the best time for the surgery. Here is some good advice as to how you can arrive at the correct time for the procedure.

1. Talk To Others

Breast augmentation being a risky procedure, it is best to be aware of the problems you could be facing beforehand. Talk to others women who have done it. This will give you an idea about the complications associated with the surgery and also help you decide on the best time to get them done. Many women who have had them would be able to advice you on the best time as they could most possibly harbouring regrets on the time chosen for their breast implants.

2. Age

Age plays an important role when you consider breast augmentation. Many women who have smaller breasts at the age of eighteen might still have a chance to grow and get naturally bigger breasts by the time they are in their early twenties.

Therefore, you have to make sure that breast augmentation is not done too soon. Wait until you are past twenty five years of age before you even consider the surgery. Once you are past this age, you can be sure that your body has stopped growing and your chances of bigger breasts are nil.

3. Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

If you are young and unmarried and would want to breastfeed babies, you must consider postponing your breast augmentation as implants can lead to numbing of breasts and low production of milk, which are both detrimental to breastfeeding. The numbness in the breasts will prevent you from feeling any sensation on the nipples when you feed your baby, making it difficult for you to judge whether the baby is properly fed or not.

Pregnancy will also change the shape of your breasts and make the implants sag, making it necessary to do the augmentation surgery again. Many women find that after pregnancy, their breasts become big and having implants will increase the pressure on the skin, leading to stretch marks on the breasts which are difficult to remove.

4. Health

Health is a great factor that has to be taken into consideration before going for any surgery. Low immune system can lead to infections and slow healing of the incision. Plan your implantation surgery when you are completely healthy.

Finally, make sure that you get plenty of time to rest and relax after the surgery. You might want to consider the surgery when you have enough time for yourself rather than be tied up with work again and have no time for rest.

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