How To Diagnose PMS Symptoms

Diagnose PMS Symptoms

Diagnose PMS Symptoms PMS or pre menstrual syndrome is something which almost all women go through, but mostly remains or goes unrecognised. The symptoms can be very daunting not only for the woman who go through it, but for also people who deal with her.

Greatly misunderstanding the symptoms of PMS can lead to many problems in their social and family life. This is why it is very important to identify the symptoms of PMS and make people, especially men who are close to you to understand why you behave in a certain way at a certain time every month.

Unfortunately, there is no sure test for diagnosing PMS. All you can do is to identify the specific symptoms and behavioural patterns associated with PMS. Here is what you must expect when you are going through PMS.

Ways To Diagnose PMS Symptoms

Mood Swings

Mood swings is one of the most common and difficult of PMS symptoms. Mood swings can crop up as extreme irritability, anxiety, anger outbursts, depression, sudden feelings of sadness etc. These symptoms can be mild or so pronounced that it can be very difficult to go through your daily activities. Most women do not understand these symptoms that they feel on a periodic basis and sometimes get perplexed.


Diagnose PMS Symptoms

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Bloating is another irritating symptom of PMS. Women suddenly feel like they have gained a lot of weight around their abdomen, making it difficult to hop into their regular jeans and feeling full and bursting around their belly. Bloating can be difficult to deal with. Many simple methods like ginger tea, peppermint, chamomile, fennel seeds etc. can be used for treating these symptoms effectively.

Pelvic And Abdominal Cramps

As the menstrual days approach, you will start feeling the cramps setting in. Cramps can be very severe or manageable. However, they can be very daunting for some women with very painful cramps that make even standing up difficult. Again, various methods of hydrotherapy can be employed for treating this disorder. Over the counter pain medications too help in keeping the cramps under control.


Fatigue is another common symptom of PMS. Fatigue can be accompanied by nausea, fainting, dizziness, lack of coordination or listlessness, headaches, confusion etc. These symptoms may not be present in all women though. Fatigue is mostly caused due to the hormone changes that are happening in your body during this time.

Food Cravings

Diagnose PMS Symptoms

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Food cravings like a sudden preference for sweet and even salty food might crop up during pre menstrual syndrome. Some women also tend to develop cravings for alcohol as well during this time.

Tender Breasts

Tenderness of the breasts is an unmistakable symptom of PMS. Breast will be swollen, tender and painful due to the hormone changes in the body. This symptom is more noticeable in women with fibroids as fibroids in the breasts tend to become worse due to the hormone surge during PMS. Swelling and pain may not be just concentrated in the breasts and can be found in the legs, feet, hands etc.

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