How To Do Diagnosis For Stomach Pain

How To Do Diagnosis For Stomach Pain

How To Do Diagnosis For Stomach Pain Abdominal pain is an uncomfortable problem as it can be due to any disease or medical state.. You need to understand several mechanisms that are responsible for the abdominal pain, common causes of pain and to recognize the patterns of pain with clinical presentations. But not all patients need a presentation.

An assessment of the epidemiological states that abdominal pain can occur in the whole abdomen, epigastic, right subcostal, left subcostal, periumbical, lower-right or left lower. The common reasons for all these types of pain can be gastroduodenia issues, hepatobilty problems and mid lower pain that is due to gynecological issues.

A severe stomach pain indicates that you are suffering from a serious ailment that should be diagnosed and treated on time by a professional so as to diagnose anything by your own is difficult. Associating the pain to a particular cause may not be right by your side but the proper diagnosis will give you true results. But some of the things will help you to diagnose your condition accurately are discussed here:

Tips to Diagnosis Stomach Pain

Analyze Symptoms

The symptoms of your stomach pain should be analyzed properly. This is the first step in the diagnosis of the stomach pain. Observe whether you are facing sharp or dull pain or whether the pain is accompanied by cramps, throbbing etc.

Consider the Duration of the Pain

Consider whether the duration of pain was about few minutes or of for some hours. How many times pain occurs in a week and in a day will also come under the duration of the pain. Also keep a note of food triggers, if any.

Time of Stomach Pain

How To Do Diagnosis For Stomach Pain

When the pain occurs? Is it in the evening time or early morning when you have an empty stomach. Whether the pain subsides with the intake of certain food or antacids ad it is an indication of a stomach ulcer.

Keep a Note on Stimulators

Make an analysis and keep a note of what stimulates the stomach pain. If the pain starts after eating anything and is followed by heartburn and pain in the chest then it indicates that you are suffering from gastro esophageal diseases, acid reflux or just a digestive problem.

Observe the Real Location of the Stomach Pain

If the pain occurs in the upper abdomen followed by fever and indigestion then it signals gallstones. In some cases, when the pain gives a burning sensation in the upper abdomen and supplemented by nausea and bloating then it shows that you are suffering from the problem of gastritis and in this problem inflation occurs in the uterus lining.

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Keep a Check on Constipation Issues

If you are facing problem in passing stools then the stomach pain is as a result of the irregular bowel movements only.

Take into Consideration on What you have Eaten

How To Do Diagnosis For Stomach Pain

In some cases, the food you eat leads to food poisoning and contracts E. coil in the body which leads to stomach pain accompanied by diarrhea and fatigues.

Consult a Physician

Another easier way is to consult a doctor as he/she will help to diagnose the stomach pain properly and will guide you for further actions that will ease out the pain.