How To Eat Properly During Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Undergoing a cancer treatment is known to be quite challenging; mentally and physically too. There are people who are very tuff mentally but the physical discomforts faced by a cancer patient are generally so severe that the treatment can shake the whole person!

Apart from having a very strong family support, a proper diet also helps in overcoming the physical challenges of a cancer treatment. Ovarian Cancer is no different! In this disease the ovaries of the female patient that produces eggs, stops functioning. Let us find out ways to have or maintain a diet that supports the treatment and gives energy to survive it!

The first and foremost is to reduce or stop the intake of oily, fatty food. Fatty food is anyways bad for our system as it is difficult to digest and spoils the immunity of the body. Also, fatty food carries cholesterol with it which is extremely bad for the health of our heart. As it is, the immunity of the patient is not at all good, so it is important to skip such food until and unless the patient is having a strong craving.

Food rich in anti-oxidants helps in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Fruits and Vegetables (as far as possible raw) are extremely rich in anti- oxidants. During cancer treatment, there are a lot of free radicals moving in our body which are quite harmful for our body and immunity. Anti – oxidants have the quality of combining with these free radicals, there by
reducing them in number and saving our body immunity.

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During the treatment, nausea and vomiting is quite common; having regular and very small meals will help the patient with the energy to overcome the trouble caused by vomiting and nausea. Also, women are majorly running with loss of fluid in the body. Consumption of huge amount of fluids like water, juices and drinks to balance electrolyte concentration in the body is required.

Women suffering with constipation must consume food rich in fiber like green leafy vegetables and carrots and salads. Also take help from a proper nutrionist to guide you through the treatment.Women experience problem in swallowing food due to sore in the mouth. Switch to liquid diet which is easy to swallow like the shakes and juices and curd etc which are good supplements. Also having small meals with proteins which are easy to swallow should be taken.

Generally women undergoing the treatment might be weak, but taking a stroll before a meal will help you become hungry and feeling hungry is a sign of recovery. Try some breathing exercises like anulom – vilom; these are quite beneficial in increasing the immunity and hunger of our body.

Ask your mother to try different recipes, sometimes a particular taste just clicks! This trick often helps when the taste buds have been harmed by the harsh treatments. As far as possible avoid consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements because finally they are artificial. Your body is as it is under the effect of strong medicines, so it is better to avoid medicines due to other reasons. Fulfill the body requirements with natural food.