How To Face The Problem Of Vaginal Discharge

How To Face The Problem Of Vaginal Discharge

How To Face The Problem Of Vaginal Discharge The problem of vaginal discharge is common throughout your menstruation cycle. Some females suffer from heavy discharge while some signals very less. The heavier discharge is noticed during the ovulation time .

In some cases, it can be an indicator of pregnancy. This is because after implantation, the body produces high level of estrogen and the flow of blood towards cervical region increases. This flow comes out in the form of cervical secretions and protects the uterus during pregnancy.

Vaginal Discharge

The body produces a milky discharge known as leucorrhea and it is difficult to differentiate between the normal mucus that comes out at the beginning and the end of a menstrual cycle. You need not to worry about this if it comes with other symptoms like tenderness in breasts, cramping etc.

The milky discharge that you have noticed in your underpants before pregnancy will increase in pregnancy due to increased levels of estrogen and flow of blood to the vagina. This discharge is the mixture of the secretions from the cervix and vagina and the debilitated cells and bacterias from the outer lining of the vagina.

This vaginal discharge will increase further when you approach your labor. This is because in the early pregnancy, cervical secretions that is covered with cervical canal creates protective cover known as mucus plug and when the cervix begins to become thin and open up then it eliminates this mucus which comes from the vagina in the form of vaginal discharge. Some females notice a clot of blood in the discharge which is normal.

Consult a Gynecologist

In case you have not completed 37 weeks of pregnancy and notice lots of and clear discharge then contact your doctor as maybe you are expelling amniotic acid out from your body.If it is tinted with pinkish or brownish blood then it can be a sign of preterm labor.

How To Face The Problem Of Vaginal Discharge

If the discharge is odorless and giving you pain while urinating accompanied by soreness, itching and burning with inflammation in the vaginal area then you might be suffering from a yeast infection. The problem of Bacterial vaginosis in which the discharge gives a foul smell and this is because after intercourse, discharge mixes with the semen.

Trichomoniasis is a infection which transmits sexually and gives a yellowish frothy discharge with redness and irritation of the vagina and burning sensation while urinating. Do not treat any type of discharge with over the counter medications as symptoms are always distinguishable and get a proper diagnosis done and take medicines accordingly under the supervision of your health care provider.

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Get Rid of Vaginal Discharge Botherations

If the problem of discharge is not due to any type of infection but it bothers you then you can use panty liners to absorb the discharge. Keep your genital area clean and dry and always wear a cotton pants.

Avoid douching as it affects the normal balance of the vaginal are and puts you at greater risk of infection. In some cases, douching puts air into the circulatory system which may lead to some risky complications. Avoid wearing tight lowers and stop using perfumed tissue paper and scented sprays and soaps.

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