How To Fight With Headaches During Pregnancy

Tips to Prevent Headaches During Pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is common to suffer from the problem of headaches. The most common headache is tension headache in which a person feels a squeezing pain and dull aches on both sides of the head.This problem can worsen your pregnancy so you should take treatment for this timely to stop it before it aggravates.But without worrying on headaches during pregnancy you should do something that will prevent the occurrence of heads. Here are some of the tips:

Tips to Prevent Headaches During Pregnancy

Avoid Triggers of Headache

Avoid Triggers Of Headache

Anything that triggers your headache should be avoided like any food, activity or situation. Prevention is always better than cure. Keep a check on what is causing headaches in your pregnancy and avoid that trigger.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity To Reduce Headache

Any type of physical exercise, walking, and mild aerobics helps to release tension out from the body and when the tension subsides then the headaches go away. Do not sit in the same position for longer hours.

Manage your Work Stress

Manage Work Stress

In case the work stress gives you a headache then try to delegate stressful tasks and spend some time with your colleague so that your spirits are freshen up which rules out the possibility of headaches.

Relaxation Activities

Relaxation Activities

Practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga and meditation will make your body relaxed and no headache will come to you. Yoga should be done under an instructor and he/she should know that you are pregnant as all postures of yoga are not advised for pregnant females.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Plenty Of Water To Reduce Headache

Keep yourself hydrated with adequate levels of water and other fluids in your body. You will feel good by doing so and no headache will occur.

Regular Sleep and Eating Schedule

Regular Sleep To Reduce Headache

You must have a schedule for your eating and sleep times and it should be followed strictly as changes in sleeping and eating habits during pregnancy leads to headache. Keep following the same schedule on weekends also.

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Take Help from Biofeedback

Biofeedback Technique To Reduce Headache

You can control some bodily functions like tension in the muscles, heart rate, pain perception and blood pressure of your body with the help of a technique known as biofeedback. It is a technique in which an individual gains control over physiological functions by using instruments that gives information on the activity and manipulates them. This technique is undertaken by a therapist.

But in Case the Headache Strikes you Then

Take Rest

Propet Rest To Reduce Headache

Lie down in a quiet room with no light and keep your eyes closed and breathe properly. When the blood circulation will improve then the headache will subside.

Use a Compress

Warm Compress To Reduce Headache

Using a warm compress like a hot towel to your face, eyes and a cold compress on the back of the beck will give you some relief from headache.

Get a Massage

Massage To Reduce Headache

Massage on the shoulder and neck releases tension and headache will diminish.

Another safe medication for headache is acetaminophen which can be taken to get relief from occasional severe headaches. But consultation from your health care provider is always recommmended as different people have different metabolism of the body. If even after following these steps, headache persists then go for a health check up to your doctor.