How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy

Gain Weight During Pregnancy

Gain Weight During Pregnancy Weight gain during pregnancy is a very important factor as it reflects proper growth and development of the fetus within the uterus. Along with various other essential changes happening within the body of the expectant mother there is also gradual weight gain as the fetus develops and grows within the womb.

However, there should be proper weight gain which shouldn’t be too less or too much. Weight gain during pregnancy depends on a number of factors like general health of the expectant mother, whether she is having single or multiple pregnancies, whether she is taking proper nutrition and also if the fetus is developing at a normal rate.

What does Weight Gain during Pregnancy Mean?

Weight gain during pregnancy simply doesn’t depend only upon the growth of the fetus. The fetus may hardly weigh few kilograms or about 7-8 pounds while the expectant mother is expected to gain at least 10 to 15 kilograms or 25 to 35 pounds. Therefore, the extra weight consists of certain other essential things necessary in a pregnancy to make up the whole weight gain.

Apart from the fetus the total pregnancy weight is made up by the amniotic fluid, the placenta, breast tissues, blood supply, fat accumulation and the enlarged uterus. All these are important and together they make up the whole pregnancy weight gain. Hence, pregnancy weight gain is a very important factor in a healthy pregnancy.

How to Gain Proper Pregnancy Weight

Proper pregnancy weight can be gained through proper pregnancy diet and healthy lifestyle. The right weight gain can indicate that you are having a healthy pregnancy. If your weight doesn’t increase at a proper rate during pregnancy it may mean severe pregnancy complications while excess weight gain can also cause diseases and problems in the pregnancy.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means you will follow all good habits like eating balanced diet, taking enough rest and sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking, avoiding toxins and junk foods and doing pregnancy exercises if recommended by your doctor.

Take Proper Pregnancy Diet

A proper personalized pregnancy diet should be recommended by your doctor according to your health and weight. If you are overweight or underweight already during pregnancy then extra care has to be taken to gain proper pregnancy weight.

Take Proper Pregnancy Diet

You must take a diet that will provide you with all essential nutrients required for the development of the fetus and also for your own health. Green vegetables and fruits give you vitamins, minerals while meat, fish and soy products give you enough protein and carbohydrates. Take dairy products like milk and yoghurt for calcium.

Take Small Frequent Meals

One thing that should be taken care during pregnancy is that you should never starve. It is also normal to feel hunger pangs and therefore you must take small frequent meals and also healthy snacks.

Take Enough Water and Fluids

If you take enough water and fluids you will receive dual benefits of being well hydrated and also being cleansed from toxins.

Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy exercises can be great way to remain in shape even while gaining pregnancy weight. If you are overweight then pregnancy exercises should be considered seriously. Pregnancy exercises not only help you to shed extra weight but also help you to get back to shape easily after delivery. Labor is also eased with pregnancy exercises but always take your doctor’s advice and expert guidance for doing the same.