How To Get Free Breast Implants And Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a very popular cosmetic and reconstructive procedure undertaken by many women, purely for cosmetic purposes or as a reconstructive surgery. But going by the expenses incurred for the procedure, many women who would like to get a breast augmentation done cannot afford them.

So are there any short cut ways by which you can finance your breast augmentation? Can you get breast augmentation done for free? These questions seem childish and unlikely to happen. However, if you are astute and confident, you can always devise ways by which expensive procedures can be done for free.

Here Is Some Wise Advice That You Can Consider If You Are A Go Getter

1. Participate In A Reality Show

This one’s for the enterprising few who would love all the attention and do not mind the public eye gauging every move that you make. Reality TV is the cheapest way by which you can get many cosmetic procedures done and emerge a celebrity as well. The television is full of programmes that transform ugly ducklings into snow whites and Cinderellas.

If you have it in you and can convince the people involved, there is no other way by which you can get the best team to do a breast augmentation. Your chances would be increased manifold if you are an older woman with a lot of cosmetic deformities and if you have a sad story behind you.

2. Go Online

For women who are tech savvy and know what goes on in the web, creating a website for acquiring donations for the purpose will help a lot. This may not be a good idea for the shy and the ethically conscious women. The website must be so designed that it must attract a lot of traffic for getting the maximum benefit. Therefore it is essential to post sexy images of you and what you look for.

As this is way of playing on the fantasies of men, you would have to chat with them and exchange naughty mails with them to get to your purpose. Such tricks work best when you have tremendous oomph factor and are willing to do anything for getting to your target. You might be surprised at how fast the donations can pour in!

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3. Look For Sponsors

There are many websites online that act as sponsors for your purpose. All you have to do is to register in these sites and talk to the concerned site managers. These people will collect the money for you and pay for the surgery directly. One such site that you can check out is My Free Implants.

4. Go The Military Way

Wives of military personnel have it easy. There are many services that are offered free for them and breast augmentation could be one of them. However, you might have to finance for the implants yourself which may not be much. The surgery will be free and as per your needs. Contact the military physician for further details and last but not the least, marry a military personnel to achieve this status.