How To Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery
More and more overweight women are now opting for a gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight. This is very beneficial for women who have been fighting obesity and are trying very hard to conceive.

Getting rid of the excess weight can be a boon as it can normalize your hormonal functions, other body functions and help to boost your fertility. There are some definite steps you can follow in order to achieve a pregnancy.

Ways To Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

Regular Periods

You will start to experience regular periods especial if the excess weight was playing havoc with your menstrual cycles. Regular periods mean you will start ovulating and your ovaries will produce an egg every month. Women battling PCOS are seen to benefit remarkably after a weight loss surgery.

Wait For 18 Months

Most bariatric surgeons recommend waiting for at least 18 months before having a baby. This is not only to recover from the surgery but also to give your body time to adapt to the new change. There will also be a nutrient overhaul and you will have to suddenly adapt to new dietary patterns that can harm the baby.

In the initial months, the digestion and metabolization of nutrients in the body is slow and this can cause malnutrition in the baby, which is why doctors recommend an 18-month waiting period. By then the woman would have adjusted to her new weight and dietary habits.

Monitoring The Nutrient Intake

Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

You will have to closely monitor the nutrient intake even once you become pregnant. A gastric bypass creates severe malnutrition especially of the important vitamins like Vitamin B, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and Vitamin D.

You will have to take food rich in these vitamins and minerals and take an increased dosage of supplements so that there is enough for both the mother and the baby. Bariatric surgery creates fat and protein mal-absorption and some women are reported to eat only 500 calories a day, which is not good.

Morning Sickness

Some women also experience severe nausea and morning sickness during their pregnancy, which can worsen the condition. Nausea and vomiting kill appetite, which means you, will now be taking lesser food than normal. This is a dangerous sign and you need to speak to your doctor who will prescribe anti-nausea drugs so that you can continue to eat as healthy as you can.

Get Hold Of A Nutritionist

Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are pregnant and really have no idea on how to get the best possible nutrition after the bariatric surgery, get hold of a qualified nutritionist who can chalk out appropriate meal plans for you that will be beneficial for both you and the baby. She may recommend that you eat small and frequent meals to maximize nutrient absorption.

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Speak To Your Gynaecologist

Most women are very sheepish about talking freely to their gynaecologist under the misplaced notion that they know everything. Many gynaecs do not know about the implication of a weight loss surgery on pregnancy and nutrition and need to get themselves educated. A research in this area will help them treat you better keeping in view your constraints.

A Close Watch On Pregnancy Complications

Get Pregnant After A Gastric Bypass Surgery

While bariatric or gastric bypass surgery does reduce weight, women are still plus size and this increases their chances of getting pregnancy complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes so the doctors will have to keep a close watch on the woman in order to prevent the onset of a pregnancy complication.