How To Get Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is a procedure of female sterilization where the woman’s fallopian tubes are cut, tied, clipped, banded or cauterized. This prevents the egg from being released into the tubes and consequently being fertilized.

The efficacy of a tubal ligation is almost 99% though there is a 1% chance of women getting pregnant. Most women feel that a pregnancy is not possible after a tubal ligation and that the procedure is irreversible. However, this is not true as failures do occur. A woman can get pregnant even after a tubal ligation by three ways.

Ways To Get Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation

The Technique Of Tubal Ligation

Whether or not the procedure can be reversed depends a lot on the way the procedure was carried out. Several techniques of tubal ligation are now being employed. The ones, which involve the least amount of damage to the tubes, have a higher rate of being reversed and enabling a pregnancy to occur.

Procedures in which the tubes have been clipped or banded can be reversed so that the woman can achieve a pregnancy. More complicated procedures in which a large portion of the tubes has been cut or excised or the tubes have been burnt can lead to permanent sterilization and an inability to conceive. Even if the procedure has been reversed, there are chances of an ectopic pregnancy occurring so the doctor and the patient have to keep a watchful eye.

Conceiving Through IVF

The other way of conceiving after tubal ligation is via IVF. In this, the woman is put on clomid to stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs. The eggs are harvested and fertilized with fresh and healthy sperm in a lab setting. Once the egg is fertilized and an embryo is produced, the embryo is replanted inside the woman’s uterus.

This procedure is effective as the tubes are now completely bypassed. The only glitch is that this is a very costly procedure and people have to often part with their life savings in order to have a baby. The failure rates with this procedure are high.

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Tubal Reversal

The other procedure for a pregnancy to occur is intentional tubal reversal where the woman’s fallopian tubes are joined back again and all the possible blockages in the tubes are cleared. The procedure can be done laparascopically, with robotic tubal ligation, with incision and without incision.

The technique is called as tubal anastomosis. In most cases, the procedure is short and is done as an outpatient procedure. The woman is advised some bed rest after the surgery and a month later, she can start trying for a baby. The success rate is 70%.


For women who find it difficult to conceive even after a tubal ligation, fertility medication like clomid can help stimulate the ovary to produce more eggs. More eggs would mean that there are higher chances of at least one egg being fertilized. This of course also increases the chances of a woman having a multiple pregnancy. Make sure you consult a qualified doctor who has the expertise involved in tubal ligation.