How To Get Pregnant After A Vasectomy Reversal

Many men and women make the mistake of going through a permanent sterilisation procedure without thinking about the long term implications and possible change of mind that they might have.

Vasectomy is a sterilisation method done in men to prevent impregnating a woman. The procedure is very quick and painless. However, the reversal surgery is painful and may not offer 100 percent results.

How To Get Pregnant After A Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal is done to father a child and the success rate ranges between 40-50 percent in men. It is therefore important to do everything possible to make the best of the reversal surgery.

Much depends on the care and reproductive health of the man as well as the spouse. If your spouse is undergoing vasectomy reversal surgery, here is what you can do to up the chances of a pregnancy.

Ways To Attain Pregnancy After a Vasectomy Reversal

Consult a Fertility Specialist

After you have decided on the reversal surgery, it is important to consult a fertility specialist for possible plans and the best course of action. Before vasectomy reversal surgery, the urologist might suggest harvesting your spouse’s sperms so that you have an option to fall back on in case the surgery fails to deliver results.

The sperms can be used for IVF later on to help in fertilising the egg. It is also important at this stage to check your fertility quotient to find out how ready you are to attain a normal pregnancy.

How To Get Pregnant After A Vasectomy Reversal

Scrotum Supporter

After the reversal surgery, your spouse must take care to wear a scrotum supporter for a month to assist in the healing process. The recovery is also painful and your spouse must abstain from sexual intercourse at this time until the healing process is complete.

Time Factor

Most pregnancies after vasectomy reversal take time and can go on for two years before you get pregnant. So there is no need to panic. Your spouse must wear loose boxer shorts to keep the scrotum cool and increase sperm count. Intercourse must be planned during your most fertile days as well.

Use a basal body calculator to predict your days of ovulation. You may also check your cervical mucous for readiness. Clear, stringy cervical mucous that is like an egg white means you are ovulating. Make the most of these days for attaining pregnancy.


In case of failure to become pregnant even after 2 years of trying, IUI may be considered in which your spouses’ sperm will be procured and washed and cleaned in the lab before it is directly injected into your uterus for better results.

How To Get Pregnant After A Vasectomy Reversal


Your doctor might also suggest In vitro fertilisation in case of a failed vasectomy reversal surgery. If your spouse’s sperm has been harvested, it can be used to fertilise your eggs.

Otherwise, a donor sperm too can be considered after discussion with your spouse. The fertilised egg will be grown in a lab and after adequate growth, the embryo will be inserted into your uterus to make you pregnant. Getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal procedure depends on both the partners’ capabilities and heath conditions.