How To Get Pregnant After An Abortion

Pregnant After An Abortion If you had a natural abortion, a miscarriage, or a surgical expulsion of the foetus, your body has taken a considerable beating. Surgery no matter how minor, does require a certain time period for recovery.

Most doctors suggest waiting for anywhere between 2-4 months after an abortion before you try conceiving. This of course depends a lot on your previous gynaecological history and overall health. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to get pregnant right after an abortion.

Tips To Get Pregnant After An Abortion

Drink Well

Pregnant After An Abortion

A surgery or a miscarriage can be physically draining so make sure you drink enough fluids after the operation to get your energy levels back. Fluids will hydrate you and help you to get back to your normal pattern of eating.

Take Rest

Pregnant After An Abortion

The doctor may recommend bed rest after an abortion as deemed fit. Listen to the doctor and take bed rest, as it will help you to recover faster. The faster you heal, the better your chances of trying again for a baby. Take a break from office if needed.

Get Your Vitamins

Pregnant After An Abortion

Make sure you continue taking your vitamins and folic acid even after an abortion or a miscarriage. This will ensure that your body is getting the required nutrients in order to be able to sustain a future pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet and make sure you get your regular 8 hours of sleep.

Avoid Exercise
Pregnant After An Abortion

If you have just had an abortion, you will be asked to completely stay off exercise for at least 2-4 weeks. You will be asked to not lift any weights as it may put a lot of strain on your body. You will also be asked to not do heavy housework, which involves, climbing, lifting or reaching out.

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Avoid Sexual Intercourse

Pregnant After An Abortion

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Make sure you do not have sex for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. This is required to give your body sufficient time to recover from the operation.

Speak To Your Doctor

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It is wise to speak to your doctor before you think about having a baby. The doctor will give you the correct advice on how long you should wait before trying for a child.

Speak To Your Spouse

Pregnant After An Abortion

It is very important that you speak to your spouse on when is the right time to have a baby. Do not feel pressured into having sex if you are not feeling up to it. Even if you are ok with sex, have protected intercourse if you do not want a baby.

Always remember that the decision to have a baby should primarily rest with you no matter what anyone else says. This is your body and you know best when it is ready to take on the onerous responsibility of carrying a child.

If you are keen on a pregnancy, chart the fertile period with your doctor and plan to have sex during that time to maximize your chances of conception. Have a baby when you are healed physically and emotionally especially if you had a miscarriage and are feeling depressed. Practice birth control in the mean time.