How To Get Pregnant After Using Birth Control

If you along with your partner have made the life-changing decision of starting a family, you would want to stop whatever method of birth-control you are using for preventing unplanned pregnancy.

A large number Of women around the world use different forms of birth control for prolonged periods of time these days. Though sometimes thought otherwise, successful pregnancy is completely possible after you stop using birth control, even if you have used it for several years at a stretch.

Most of the methods of birth control allow your body’s reproductive cycle to adjust quickly after birth control is stopped. But it is extremely important to know about getting pregnant after using birth control as it may take a few months for you to conceive. Here are few tips that you can keep in mind to make sure you get pregnant when you want.

Tip 1: Make Sure To Complete The Current Cycle Of The Oral Contraceptive That You Use

Through various clinical studies, it has not been proved that completing the current cycle of the birth control pills that you are using is extremely important. This means that you should not stop taking the pills mid-way through the pack. This is because few dangers are believed to be associated with discontinuing pills in mid-cycle as the pills are hormonal and can have a huge impact on the bleeding level. Finishing the current cycle goes a long way in reducing this risk.

Tip 2: Stop Taking Pills At Least 3 Months Before Planning A Pregnancy

Give at least 3 months’ time to your reproductive cycle to return to normal after stopping birth control before you plan a pregnancy. This time is required by the body to come back to its natural hormonal cycle as it is the biggest factor in deciding the course of the pregnancy. Not only this, this breathing space is also used by the body to remove all traces of left over hormones from the body, left behind by the pills. Thus, it is a good idea to stop birth control few months in advance to give enough time to the body to stabilize itself.

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Tip 3: Watch Your Lifestyle Habits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means eating and drinking healthy, and exercising regularly. Eat as much fresh vegetables and fruits as possible and drink abundant quantities of water. Exercising regularly is the best habit that you can have, but that doesn’t mean that you need to overdo it. Regular gentle exercise is enough to keep you healthy and will be extremely helpful during the pregnancy as well.

Tip 4: Eliminate All Bad Habits

If you have the habit of smoking, then give it up immediately; don’t wait until you are pregnant. Keep consumption of caffeine and alcohol to a minimum. Your conceiving abilities are largely dependent on these factors; therefore, it is extremely important to keep them under check. The key is to bring your body in perfect condition before you conceive to prepare it for the stress associated with pregnancy and child birth.

Follow the above mentioned tips to ensure a successful and healthy pregnancy after using birth control.