How To Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

Get Pregnant After Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Birth control pills are the perfect way to plan a family and avoid accidental pregnancies which you did not want. However, prolonged use of birth control pills can lead to difficulty in conceiving and many women get confused and go through a lot of distress when they fail to get pregnant after stopping birth control pills.

Attaining pregnancy after you stop your birth control pills is not a difficult task as such. Following certain basic steps will help you go through the process smoothly.

Steps To Get Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pills

Discuss With Your Doctor

It is important to discuss your plans with your doctor before you stop your birth control pills and start trying for pregnancy. He/she will help you assess as to how long it can take to become pregnant after stopping your pills. It is also important to plan your pregnancy after your menstrual cycle has returned to normalcy.

Get Pregnant After Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

Your doctor may give a year’s time to see if you get pregnant naturally within that time. If you fail to become pregnant within the stipulated time after following all the guidelines, you might have to undergo fertility treatment for conceiving.

Allow A Gap

Once you stop your birth control pills, do not try to get pregnant immediately. Your body needs time to get adjusted to the new cycle and your menstrual cycle needs to become normal before you try to get pregnant.

Keeping track of your ovulation cycle for at least two months is important to calculate your date of conception and date of delivery. Once you have identified the days of ovulation, you can plan your physical union in such a way that the fertile days are most adequately utilised.

Check For Pregnancy

Get Pregnant After Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

After you have waited for a couple of months, you can start trying for your pregnancy. At this point it is important to note that your menstrual cycle could still be irregular and you may not menstruate regularly every month as yet.

However, if you miss your periods, make it a point to check if you are pregnant. Use a pregnancy kit at home to do a basic assessment of your condition. If positive, you can always consult a doctor to conform your pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Intake of prenatal vitamins is important once you are off the birth control pills as this will help you attain a healthy pregnancy and prevent anomalies in the foetus. These vitamins are folic acid, calcium and iron which have to be taken after consulting a doctor.

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A well balanced diet is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Add fruits, vegetables, dairy products, protein and grains to keep your body healthy and ready for pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water too is essential as it will help in preventing urinary tract infection and keep your body free of toxins.

Meditation, Yoga And Exercise

Get Pregnant After Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

Stress is a major factor that can prevent you from getting pregnant. Keep stress at bay with the help of meditation, yoga and exercise. This will also help to keep your weight under control and stay in shape after pregnancy.