How To Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking The Pill

Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking The Pill You may be taking birth control pills for quite some time and when you plan to get pregnant things may not turn out as per your expectations. Birth control pills are quite popular contraceptives used by millions, but some experience delayed pregnancy after stopping the pill. The reasons can be varied.

The pills prevent ovulation or release of the egg from the matured follicle. Your ovulation should start within few days after you stop taking the pill provided all other vital functions of your reproductive system remain normal.

The physiological and endocrinal functioning varies with each woman; therefore the time required for conception after stopping the pill also varies. Women may get pregnant within 1- 2 weeks after stopping the pill while some take few months or a year to conceive.

Missed Periods After Stopping The Pill

This can arise either due to pregnancy or due to “post pill amenorrhea” meaning absence of menstrual periods after stopping the pill. You can confirm your pregnancy through routine pregnancy tests.

If you are going through “post pill amenorrhea”, you may have to wait for some time to get back to your normal ovulation cycle. Regular menstrual periods occur due to regular ovulation cycles. When you are on birth control pills, the hormones present in the pills suppress your normal ovulation cycle.

Your body resumes its own mechanism of hormone production after you stop taking the pills. This may take some time to initiate your normal ovulation cycle.

Tips To Get Pregnant After Stopping The Pill

The following tips will help you to get pregnant easily after you stop taking the pill.

Visit Your Doctor

get Pregnant After You Stop Taking The Pill

Visit your gynae before you stop taking your pill. Your gynae is aware of your health condition and will advice you when to stop the pill. It is better to complete the ongoing cycle of oral contraceptives before drawing an end to it.

Take Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

You should plan your pregnancy a couple of months before discontinuation of the pill. Take enough prenatal vitamin supplements and folic acid to prepare your body for conception. This will reduce the chances of miscarriage and congenital defects. Seek medical consultation about the right type of vitamin.

Go For Physical Exercises

You should adopt regular physical exercises when you are contemplating pregnancy. This will help you to get pregnant faster after you stop taking the pills. Physical exercises will enhance the endocrinal functions of your body making it favorable for conception.

Monitor Your Ovulation Period

Wait till your normal menstruation cycle resumes. This will help you to detect your ovulation period. Have sex during that period to increase the chances of your pregnancy. You can also use an ovulation kit to record the vital parameters of ovulation period.

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Have Frequent Sex

get Pregnant After You Stop Taking The Pill

Have frequent sex after you have stopped taking the pill. Enjoy your love making instead of concentrating solely on conception. Regular sexual activities will stimulate your endocrinal glands and reproductive organs facilitating easy conception.

Avoid Mental Stress

Too much of mental stress and anxieties may delay your pregnancy. You may take 6-12 months to conceive after stopping the pill or you may conceive earlier. It depends entirely on the physiological constitution of the woman. Visit your doctor if you cannot conceive within six months of stopping the pill.

Do not go by myths related to birth control pills else you may land into serious confusion. Many think prolonged intake of oral contraceptives may affect female fertility. On the contrary, chances of pregnancy are high in women habituated in taking birth control pills. There is also no risk of miscarriage if you get pregnant too early after stopping the pill. Always reach out to your doctor to clear your doubts and apprehensions.