5 Ways To Get Pregnant Fast With Clomid

Ways To Get Pregnant Fast

Pregnancy is a dream harboured by all married women and all women eventually want to deliver a baby at some point of their lives. But things are not as easy as they sound. Many women have extreme difficulty in conceiving due to many reasons and in spite of superior treatment methods, many of them fail to become pregnant naturally.

Clomid is a brand associated with attaining pregnancy. Originally clomiphene citrate, which is prescription medication administered to women who have difficulty in becoming pregnant due to problems with ovulation, Clomid is known to be highly effective in setting right ovulation issues in women and helping them conceive. It is safe and easy to use as well.

However, Clomid is not a wonder drug for treating all kinds of fertility problems. Women may meet with disappointment, as well as surprise with this drug. If you feel Clomid can help you, here are the steps that boost your fertility quotient.

How To Get Pregnant Fast With Clomid

Consult A Doctor

Consult A Doctor

Before you administer the drug, you must talk to you doctor to ascertain that your infertility is caused due to ovulation problems. Fertility problems caused due to other reasons cannot be treated with Clomid. Only a gynaecologist will be able to ascertain the cause of your infertility and give you Clomid to put your ovulation on track.

Starting The 5 Day Course

Wait until you get your menstrual period before starting on Clomid. Doctors normally advise a 5 day course, starting from the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle and going on until the 7th day.

This is known to give better results than a course starting from the 5th day and going on to the 9th day. However, both are fine and do not cause any negative effect as such. It is important to ascertain the first day of the menstrual cycle correctly. The first day is the first day you bleed and not the day of spotting.


After the fifth day of taking Clomid, have intercourse regularly. It is also important at this time for men to build up their sperm to make matters more promising.

At least 48 hours if build up is necessary to make the sperm count adequate for pregnancy. After 2 days of intercourse, abstain from intercourse for another two days to strengthen the sperm count. This way you increase your chances of pregnancy.

Cervical Mucous

A clear and wet cervical mucous that is stringy and profuse means that you are ovulating. The cervical mucous will be like egg white at this time. This is the best time to have intercourse as this is the most fertile time.

However, one problem with Clomid is that it can cause the cervical mucous to dry. If this is the case, it can be rectified by taking Guaifenesin from the 10th to the 16th day. Natural ways too can be adopted by taking flax seeds or evening primrose oil both of which can increase cervical mucous.

Ovulation Predictor Kit

Ovulation Predictor Kit

You can use an ovulation predictor kit as well from day 10 to correctly identify the fertile days. The first two days of ovulation will be the strongest and this is the time when you must have intercourse, two days in a row after the sperm has been made strong.