How To Get Pregnant In Middle Age

How To Get Pregnant In Middle Age

A woman is at the height of her reproductive phase in her twenties. Chances of reproduction decreases and complications increase as she enters her thirties. By the time a woman is in her forties, her chances of becoming pregnant decreases and drops by 5 percent every passing month.

A woman in her middle age might find it extremely difficult to become pregnant. This could be because of decreased ovulation, fewer intercourses and problems like endometriosis. However, becoming pregnant in middle age is not entirely impossible and with a few lifestyle changes things can be worked in your favour.

Ways To Become Pregnant In Middle Age

Stop Oral Contraceptives

If you are on birth control pills, you must stop the use of pills immediately. Allow time for your body to recover and regulate the ovulation cycle. This could take months and hence you must plan your pregnancy accordingly.

Nutritious Diet

Once you have decided to attain pregnancy your food habits need a thorough check. Stop all junk foods and habits like smoking and drinking. Reduce the intake of processed foods and saturated and trans fats. Start including more fresh fruits and vegetables and adequate protein and carbohydrates in your diet. This will replenish your body back to health and prepare it for the impending pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential, especially if you are planning a pregnancy in the middle ages. High levels of folic acid are essential in this phase to prevent birth anomalies and complications in the foetus. Prenatal vitamins must be started before you plan your pregnancy and must be taken all throughout pregnancy and after delivery as well with the guidance of your doctor. Other important vitamins necessary at this stage are calcium, iron etc.


get pregnant in middle age

During middle age, most women would be overweight and this can lead to problems in conceiving due to increased estrogen production. Exercise and weight reduction is important at this stage to burn fat and make your body strong for the pregnancy. Women with a BMI between 20-30 are more likely to become pregnant.

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Vaginal Health

As you age and move towards menopause, your vagina can become dry and this can cause problems while trying to become pregnant. All habits like vaginal douching, sprays and lubricants must be stopped to regain the pH balance and cultivate a healthy cervical mucous that can transport the sperms to the egg. To increase cervical mucous, use natural methods like flax seeds, evening primrose oil etc.

Ovulation Test

Identifying your days of ovulation is of utmost importance when you try for pregnancy in middle age. Use a predictor kit or a basal body calculator for checking your days of ovulation. At the same time, check your cervical mucous as well to see if it is clear, stringy and profuse like an egg white. Have intercourse during these days.

Hip Elevation

To enhance your chances of pregnancy, you must keep your hips in an elevated position to allow the sperms to pass through the tubes and reach the matured egg. Keep the hips elevated for half an hour after copulation so that all the semen remains inside for maximum time.