How To Get Pregnant Naturally In 5 Steps

Many couples do not have an issue even after many years of marriage. There are many reasons due to which a woman does not become pregnant. Since is the ultimate desire of every woman to become a mother, she does not leave any stone unturned for conceiving a child.

By following 5 easy steps, a woman can get pregnant naturally. These steps are simple and easy to follow.

Keep A Record Of Your Menstrual Cycle

For getting pregnant, it is very essential that a woman tracks her menstrual cycle. This is because a normal and regular menstrual cycle is one of prerequisites for getting pregnant. If a woman menstruates regularly and if her average menstrual cycle varies from 27 to 29 days, it is very likely that she would become pregnant.

However, if menstrual cycle is shorter or longer than this period, her chances of becoming pregnant are lower. Similarly, women with irregular menstrual cycle may also face some problems in getting pregnant. Such women suffer from ovulation problems also.

Knowing The Fertile Window

It has been found that if a woman uses accurate method of predicting ovulation, her chances to become pregnant becomes 50%. In the absence of these methods, her chances drop to 18%. One of best methods to predict ovulation is Ovulation Watch. It is basically a wrist computer that monitors the levels of chloride in the body.

Chloride levels are generally at their peak when ovulation is about to occur. A woman must do sex with her partner two days before ovulation or when the chloride levels peaks. Cost of Ovulation Watch varies from $200 to $400. If a woman cannot afford this, she can go for some cheaper solutions.

Underlying Medical Conditions

In some cases, though a woman does sex when chloride levels are at highest levels, she may not become pregnant. This may happen due to underlying medical conditions. Both the partners should ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions that affect fertility. For example, fertility of men and women is greatly reduced when they suffer from high blood sugar levels. This occurs due to high insulin levels.

Insulin resistance has been diagnosed in many infertile partners. Before trying other steps to get pregnant, it is very necessary that this medical condition is treated. Similarly, thyroid problems can also affect the fertility. In infertile women, low thyroid hormone is a common problem. If testosterone levels in a man are low, he may also become infertile.

Go For Home Fertility Test

It is in the interest of couples that they undergo home fertility test. Through this test, fertility levels of both the partners are tested. Home fertility kit tests swimming abilities of sperms released by the male. In female, this kit tests levels of FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone. If any of partners is found infertile, a specialist should be seen at the earliest. If both the partners are found normal, they can proceed further.

Change Your Lifestyle

For getting pregnant, it is also necessary that a woman leads a healthy life. Some of the reasons that may affect the chances of a woman to get pregnant are poor eating habits, stressful working conditions and lack of exercises. Due to these factors, hormonal secretion in body is affected adversely.