How To Get Pregnant With Low Sperm Motility

How To Get Pregnant With Low Sperm Motility

Low sperm motility refers to a condition in which the sperm are immotile or cannot swim up quickly enough to reach the egg and fertilize it. This is an unusual problem and is one of the factors leading to male infertilityGenerally the normal male sperm motility is around 50% i.e. 50% of the sperm are viable and able to swim quickly. Poor sperm motility offers a poor prognosis for conception to occur. Here are some ways and means of getting pregnant with poor sperm motility.

Ways To Get Pregnant With Low Sperm Motility

Hormonal And Dietary Supplements

Sometimes the man shows low levels of testosterone, which may be affecting his motility. In such cases, injections of testosterone may improve his sperm motility. Supplements like protein supplements and minerals like zinc and selenium are also known to help. Do take these supplements in consultation with your doctor to improve your sperm motility and aid conception.


In case, sperm motility is very poor and cannot be improved then In Vitro Fertilization is possible in which the egg is extracted from the woman’s ovaries and is united with the man’s sperm in a lab setting. Since the sperm and egg are in close proximity, the egg can easily be fertilized.This cycle will have to be repeated over 2-3 sittings.


In case repeated cycles of IVF fail, then intra cytoplasm sperm injection technique can also be used, in which a healthy sperm is taken and directly injected into the egg with the help of a needle. The fertilized egg is then transplanted back into the woman’s uterus and a pregnancy is achieved.

Herbal Methods

There are some herbal methods to improve male sperm motility such as ginseng and gingko herbs, which are said to improve the motility of sperms in rats. However, some theorists say that these herbs tend to adversely affect the sperm count of a man.


Massaging the testicular region of the male is said to increase blood flow and enhance the quality and motility of the sperm to be able to fertilize an egg.

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Having Sex During The Fertile Period

Having sex during the fertile time can improve the chances of the woman getting pregnant. This is because of the cervical mucus, which is thin and stringy and assists in the movement of the sperms to swim up to the egg.

The Position

One way of ensuring faster motility is to work with the gravity of the sperm. Have sex in a position that aids conception like the man on top, sideways and doggy style. These will help the sperm to move faster up to the egg.

Stay Healthy

It is important for the man to stay healthy to enhance his sperm motility. The man should desist from smoking, alcohol consumption and wearing tight underwear. He should eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise for good overall health, which will improve his fertility and help the woman to conceive faster. Avoid hot places and saunas, which tend to raise the testicular temperature and affect the motility of the sperm.