5 Tips On Getting Pregnant With Twins

Pregnancy itself is one of the best phases of a woman’s life as it brings new meanings and dreams for both the partners. Kids make families well bonded and the love between couples deepens and strengthens. Many couples love to have more than one kid and the concept of having twins can be fun and exciting.

Also twins save you the need to get pregnant for more than once to have more than one baby. As the saying goes that twins bring double joy but it is also double work for you to tend to the twins. Post pregnancy you may be very tired and fatigued while tending to two babies. But the positive side is you have to work hard once instead of twice which would have been the case if you have two babies through two preganancies.

Pregnant With Twins

Tips On Getting Pregnant With Twins

Understanding How Twins are Conceived

If you want to have twins then first it will be a good idea to learn how twins are formed. There are two kinds of twins namely identical and fraternal. When you get pregnant which means a single egg gets fertilized by a single sperm a zygote forms which gets planted within the uterus to develop into a healthy baby.

However, for some reason the zygote may divide into two or more zygotes to form multiple pregnancies. In such cases the twins or multiple babies born are of same sex and they look exactly or almost similar which means being identically alike in looks.

Fraternal twins are formed when two separate eggs are released instead of one and both get fertilized with two different sperms. In this case the twins may or may not be of the same sex and they will look different. In simple words they will be like just two siblings born at the same time.

Tips to Increase your Chances to Get Pregnant with Twins

There are certain factors that increase the chances to have twins but most of these are not within our hands like that of family history of having twins, age and also ethnicity. However, such factors only increase chances of having fraternal twins as identical twins are rare occurrences and not attributed to hereditary factors.

Take Dairy Products

Dairy products are claimed to increase your chances of having twins more so if you are taking milk or milk products from cows which are given growth hormone treatments.

Take Dairy Products

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Take Leafy Green Vegetables and Folic Acid Supplements

Leafy green vegetables abound in various nutrients which keep you healthy and fit necessary for healthy pregnancy. Green leafy vegetables also contain folic acid which can assist in making you pregnant, prevent neural tube defects in babies and is also claimed to increase chances of getting pregnant with twins. Though there are controversies yet folic acid is a very important vitamin that should be taken prior to and also during pregnancy.

Take Leafy Green Vegetables and Folic Acid Supplements

Considering Pregnancy at Later Agev

If you really want twins seriously then you can consider pregnancy at a later age when chances of multiple pregnancies increase manifold. If you use donor eggs then chances are you will have multiple pregnancies.

Considering Pregnancy at Later Agev

Gaining Weight

Gaining weight may also assist you in getting pregnant with twins. However, all these facts are based on studies and also have their own set of risks which should be taken care of.

Gaining Weight

Try to Conceive Immediately after Withdrawing from Birth Control Pills

Indulge in sex immediately after withdrawing from birth control pills as your body may be in a condition to ovulate more.

Try to Conceive Immediately after Withdrawing from Birth Control Pills`