How To Get Pregnant Without Having Sex

How To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant For all of us, sex is the single most factor that can lead to pregnancy and child birth. Though many ways exist where a woman can become pregnant without having sex, these possibilities are not explored or understood until women have problems conceiving or would want to conceive when they are single or without getting married.

These days, women who are lesbians too try alternate methods of getting pregnant without having a heterosexual union. If you are exploring possibilities of becoming pregnant without sexual intercourse, here are some ways by which you can attain it.

Ways To Become Pregnant Without Sex

Doctor’s Help

Consulting a fertility specialist is important when you have decided on an artificial method of pregnancy without the involvement of a partner. Your doctor will assess your health, fertility quotient and possible hurdles that could tamper with your ability to become pregnant and help you decide on the best possible method for trial. The normal methods that are tried are artificial insemination and IVF.

Donor Sperms

If you have identified a male who is willing to donate sperms, you can introduce him to the fertility specialist. In the absence of a partner, a sperm donor has to be identified first to proceed with the fertilisation procedure. A donor can be identified as per your desire or you may choose to go with an unidentified person through a sperm bank.

The Fertilisation Procedure

The fertilisation procedure is not a single day affair. A lot of things like identifying the fertile days, extraction of eggs, harvesting of sperms, intake of fertility drugs etc. has to be done based on the requirement and procedure followed.

How To Get Pregnant

In IVF procedure, fertility drugs are administered to ripen the eggs before the eggs are extracted or the sperm is injected. This requires constant monitoring of your ovulation cycle at least for a month before the actual procedure is done. In artificial insemination, the sperm is injected into the reproductive tract on the days of ovulation.

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In IVF procedure, the eggs and the sperms that are extracted are fertilised in a laboratory and ripened before being placed back in a woman’s womb to make her pregnant. The procedure that is apt for you will be considered based on your fertility quotient.


When it is a natural pregnancy, you can test positive after two weeks of missing your period. When it is an IVF procedure in which the fertilised egg is transferred back to the womb, artificial hormones have to be used for two weeks after the procedure. This procedure is to ensure that the pregnancy is sustained without any problem.

All pregnancies that use artificial methods may not be successful in the first attempt. You might have to go through several unsuccessful attempts before you become pregnant. Wait patiently and stay away from stress. It is also important to watch your diet as nutrients are essential for attaining a healthy pregnancy whether it is normal or through artificial means. Exercise too can be done after consulting a doctor to ensure that you remain free from problems and do not gain extra weight during your pregnancy.