4 Top Ways To Prevent Blackheads On Cheeks

Know what’s worse than getting blackheads on your nose? Getting them on your cheeks and the rest of your face! These tiny black pores can become extreme causes for embarrassment if they tend to show up in large numbers all over the face, especially on the cheeks. So what causes these blackheads in the first place? Your facial skin has innumerable number of tiny pores which get filled up with oil, bacteria and sebum with time. Improper care would lead to these impurities hardening up and becoming black when exposed to air.

These appear as tiny black pustules on your face. And unlike acne pustules which can be easily eliminated, blackheads stay beneath the skin surface and are quite hard to remove. Not to worry though, for here are some excellent tips to get rid of those pesky blackheads on your cheeks and stop them from recurring.

Ways To Get Rid Of Existing Blackheads On Cheeks – The 4 Step Miracle

1. Flushing Out The Pores

This can be done using a purgative oil like castor oil which would easily stick to the sebum and oil present in the blackheads owing to its non comedogenic properties. This in turn would make it easier for the oil and sebum present in the pores to be flushed out. Accordingly, all you need to do is to apply some castor oil onto your cheeks and massage the same into the skin using deep circular motions.

2. Steam Facial

After waiting for about 5 minutes, opt for a steam facial wherein you place your face about 12 inches above a bowl containing hot water (steaming hot). Place a thick cloth over your head so that the steam coming out of the bowl will blow right onto your face.

Take a steam facial for about 10 minutes. This would give ample time for the pores to open up nicely. When you wipe your face with a wash cloth afterwards, you will notice all the oil, sebum and impurities sticking to the washcloth.

3. Scrubbing

Always opt for mild and natural scrubs that are gentle on the skin. For example, you can use baking soda as a scrub to remove dead skin from your face. All you need to do is make a paste that contains one part of baking soda added to one part of water. Apply this paste onto your face and massage it nicely into the skin near the cheeks. After about 5 minutes, rinse off the paste with warm water.

4. Toning The Skin

Now that you have removed all the impurities and dead skin cells from your cheeks, you need to make sure that healthy skin cells grow in their place. And for that you need to apply a toner to your face, preferably one that has a high concentration of Vitamin C. You can also use lemon juice as a homemade toner.

Alternate Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads on Cheeks


Wrap your face with a wet cloth after washing it with a gentle cleanser. After about 15 minutes, remove the towel and pat your face dry with a soft cloth. Gently press the skin around the blackheads in an upward motion. As you increase your pressure, the blackhead would most usually just come out and can be wiped away. If it doesn’t come out, however, don’t pick at it or prod it. Rather, opt for another round of cleansing to squeeze it out.

Using Products That Contain BHA

Beta Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliant that helps to get rid of the dead cells on the skin’s surface. Products that contain salicylic acid contain BHA and so are considered the best options to get rid of pesky blackheads. Accordingly, you can opt for salicylic based face washes or creams to get rid of the blackheads present on your cheeks. The BHA present in these products would enter the pore and cleanse it off oil, sebum and impurities from inside, thereby getting rid of blackheads in the process.

Antibiotics And Skin Treatments

Certain antibiotics like Retin A or Accutane can help get rid of incessant blackheads. You can also opt for medical procedures like microdermabrasion to remove clogged up pores and hard to remove blackheads from your cheeks. Remember though that these options could cause side effects and so need to be carefully evaluated by a dermatologist beforehand.

Ways To Prevent Blackheads from Recurring

Dietary Changes

Eating lots of oily, fried foods and snacks would most definitely make your skin more prone to issues like acne and blackheads. So cut down on the intake of junk foods and oily snacks. Drink plenty of water as this would keep your skin hydrated and free from impurities (including the ones that cause blackheads).

Clay Masks

If you have oily or greasy skin, then you can opt for clay masks once a week to remove excess oil and sebum from your face. A good quality clay mask would maintain the oil balance in your face and clean up the pores completely. Be careful not to overdo it though (once a week is enough) as your skin may become too dry in the process.

Clay Mask