How To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Having a beautiful and flawless skin is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to attain skin that is the envy of every other woman on the road.If you have acne prone skin, then matters become even more difficult to control. Facial acne can be a real put off and can mar your confidence level greatly. Here are some ways to control facial acne naturally and attain radiant and beautiful looking skin.

Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Cleansing and Moisturising

Cleansing To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Keeping your skin well moisturised and clean are important points that you must follow in your daily skin care regime, especially when you have facial acne. Acne is mostly caused when the pores are clogged with dust, grime and heavy makeup.Make it a point to identify your skin type and use a suitable cleanser for cleaning the pores. The cleanser should be applied gently using a cotton ball and without rubbing harshly on the skin. Use a good moisturising cream which is not too oily after cleansing your skin to retain its moisture.

Keep Your Hands Off the Acne

Keep Your Hands Off The Acne

When the acne is on the face, you have to be extra careful so as to avoid scars from forming. Therefore, make sure that you do not try to pop the acne or pick or press on the acne. Picking not only spreads the bacteria from one spot to other, but will also make the healing process longer and hence not advised at all.

Clean the acne with a warm and soft cloth after steaming your face. Steaming will open up the pores and wiping your face gently using a warm cloth will remove the dirt and grime trapped in the pores. Steaming will also remove the infected and dead skin cells on the surface of the facial skin and lead to faster healing.

Oil Free Products

Oil Free Products To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

As acne prone skin is naturally oily, choosing the right makeup and skin care products are imperative to prevent frequent outbreaks and also during the treatment process. All make up and skin care products must be oil free as oil can get trapped in the pores and cause more outbreaks to surface. Products that are labelled as non comedogenic must be preferred over other products as these products do not clog the pores. Mineral makeup too is a good choice when you have acne prone skin.

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Medicated Creams

Medicated Creams To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Sometimes, medicated creams are required for treating and controlling acne. Use a mild over the counter medicated cream on the pimple first and use face washes that are medicated as well.After you have cleaned your face thoroughly, use a layer of salicylic acid on the face, covering the acne prone areas thoroughly. This will take care of more outbreaks and control the facial acne which is already present.


Exfoliation To Get Rid Of Facial Acne

Frequent exfoliation of skin is very essential to control acne on the face. Dead skin cells and clogged pores can lead to severe acne outbreaks on the facial skin which can damage the skin permanently and lead to scars that can be difficult to treat. Use a natural scrub like lemon and oatmeal to control the oil on the face and also to keep the infected skin cells away from the face.

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