How To Get Rid Of Laser Scars

Get Rid Of Laser Scars

Get Rid Of Laser Scars Laser therapy is used extensively for treating a number of skin conditions ranging from scars, hair removal and removal of tattoos. While laser therapy offers great potential, the treatment is not without its risk. Laser beams can sometimes leave scars that are much more severe than the actual problem for which laser therapy was used.

Laser scars can be treated in almost the same manner as the other scars. However, its effectiveness depends on a variety of factors like age of the scar, adaptability of the skin, depth of the scar and the competence of the dermatologist who is treating you.

Ways To Get Rid Of Laser Scars

Q Switched Lasers

For this treatment, it is important to approach a competent dermatologist or a salon with licensed personnel. Q switched laser treatment is normally used for treating dark marks and removal of tattoos. However, it has also been known to give good results with removal of laser scars. Though Q switched laser treatment can be safely used on laser scars, it is important to let the dermatologist know about the type of scar that you have in order to get the maximum result.


Get Rid Of Laser Scars

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Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation process where the top layers of skin are buffed away so that the scar is flattened with every session. Tiny crystals are used for this procedure for buffing the skin and the new layer of skin that grows will repair the scar tissue naturally and the appearance of the scar will be reduced greatly.


Steroid injections that are given on the scar work several ways. It helps in controlling the pain associated with the wound and also reduces the itching caused when the wound is in the healing stage. Steroid injections also help in lightening the scar and softening it so that the appearance of the scars is greatly improved.

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Pressure Therapy

Scars that are raised like a keloid scars benefit greatly when pressure therapy is applied. Pressure therapy involves the usage of a pressure bandage which helps in the application of constant pressure on the scar. The scar will soon be flattened and reduced in appearance, thereby preventing the formation of a raised surface on the skin. Pressure bandage must be used for several months for the treatment to be effective on the scars.

Silicone Sheets

Get Rid Of Laser Scars

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Application of silicone gel or sheets on the scar tissue will have the same effect as pressure therapy. The gel or the sheets when applied will cause the scars to push backwards and the result will be a flatter and softer scar with negligible appearance.

Z Plasty

Z plasty can be tried if the scar formation is in an area where there are lot of natural lines and wrinkles. Done by a surgeon, Z plasty involves cutting over the scar in an Z shape so that the tension points on the scar will be relieved and the scar surface will soften and look more natural after blending with the surrounding skin.

Laser scars are not so difficult to be removed and in most cases, patients return satisfied with the results after trying one or more of these scar removal methods.

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