How To Get Rid Of Premenstrual Acne

Get Rid Of Premenstrual Acne

The exasperation many women experience due to period acne feels akin to rubbing salt on wounds. Amid the mood fluctuations, cramping and bloated feeling, topping it all off is the often surfacing unsightly reddish pimple.

Menstrual acne is the unfortunate, monthly flaring up of blemishes coinciding with a woman’s monthlies striking with sickening regularity in well over sixty percent of women during their premenstrual phase (7 to ten days pre-period) and subsiding swiftly post-bleeding.

Acne Before Period – The Real Culprit

Several women sufferers don’t appear to be outgrowing premenstrual acne and usually not self-subsiding. In the usual twenty-eight day menstruation cycle, estrogen and progesterone (female hormones) show their predominance in the initial and subsequent half of the cycle and ultimately levels plummeting to their least as periods date draws closer.

In the interim, testosterone (male hormone) which is produced in lesser levels among females stays stable through the month though surpasses female hormones levels before and when menstruating.

Sebum, the dense, greasy substance functioning as an innate lubricating matter for the skin is produced liberally in the midst of your cycle due to surging progesterone. This results in the skin swelling, pores compressing and sealing close leading to sebum accruement underneath the skin. Additionally, augmented male hormone levels close to menses triggers further activation of sebaceous glands and fuelling sebum production.

Every woman responds differently to sebum, proffering a glowing look in some whereas an unceasing greasy slick in others. This oiliness is just the fodder that P.acnes (a form of bacteria) thrives on, causing heightened eruptions and inflammations in and around the premenstrual phase.

Period acne isn’t always sanitation-related, however, an internally-occurring effect. Nonetheless, skin care during the premenstrual phase holds significance so that matters don’t worsen.

How To Get Rid Of Premenstrual Acne

Despite acne and period appearing to be the best of buddies for some unlucky women, there is still hope. Here are some prudent, helpful preventative measures that can ably tackle this niggling concern.

Birth Control Pills

High Risk Pregnancy

For women experiencing periods-linked acne the Mayo Clinic recommendation veers towards use of birth control pills as they mop up male hormone in the blood thus lesser left to produce acne and even slacken amount of oil produced in the body.

Patience is paramount for those commencing use of birth control pills as some complain of augmented acne in the initial 3-4 months as a result of responding to hormonal changes which would settle as the body adapts.

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Become Skin-Wise

Avoid harsh cleanser products and opt for those with ‘non-comedogenic’ labelling. Gentle massaging facial cleansing (ideally twice a day) should be religiously followed by amply moisturizing skin on regular basis via acne-allaying masks and oil-free products. Using micro-beads or other coarse scrubs can intensify the problem.

Opt for products with Resorcinol, Chlorhexidine, Salicylic Acid, melaleuca essential oil, Benzyl Peroxide as the main constituents for tackling stubborn acne-caused blemish marks. Spot treatments with OTC products having the just mentioned constituents 1-2 times daily also helps as they aid in sloughing off lifeless cells and have a de-clogging effect.

Curb your strong urges to finger your zits and do brief applications of tepid face cloths ensued by benzyl peroxide-based bactericide. Cosmetic product wearers should ideally be opting for Sulphur or Salicylic Acid-based concealer and compact.

During pre-menstrual phase desist from getting yourself waxed, any form of facial or skin care treatments as your skin is extra-sensitive. Always remember to don a good sunscreen regularly which is increasingly significant when one is applying medicines that could make skin hypersensitive to the sun’s rays. Mane care by shampooing daily ought to be practiced a minimum of a seven days pre-commencement of menses, particularly for greasy hair.

Load Up On Water

Get Rid Of Acne

Stop breakouts by daily consuming around 10 to 12 glassfuls water as dehydration can activate skin eruptions.

Skin-Chummy Dietetic Intake

Ensure taking a multivitamin supplement alongside emphasis on a healthful dietetic intake replete with vital mineral, vitamin forms, less-fatty milk items while steering clear from trans-fatty acids, saturated fats and monosaccharide / disaccharide sugars.

Take A Chill Pill

Identity and curtail emotionally stressing situations and try to consciously surmount over them.