How To Get Rid Of Rolling Scars

To Get Rid Of Rolling Scars

Rolling scars are scars that are usually formed with acne outbreaks. They have varying lengths and tend to be longer in length than the normal acne scars which are rounded and saucer shaped. Several home treatments and surgical options are available for treating rolling scars. Here are some options that you can try.

Ways To Get Rid Of Rolling Scars


Before you undergo any kind of treatment for your scar, it is important to understand what type of scar you have. Based on that, your dermatologist will chart out your treatment method and help you understand the limitations of the treatment method as well.


Though most type of scars can be considerably reduced with treatment, removing the scar completely might be a challenge and it is important that the patient understands this limitation before the treatment is started. This will help in keeping the expectations to a minimum.

None Invasive Treatment Methods

Several non invasive treatment methods can be used for treating rolling scars. Depending on the length of the rolling scar that you have, treatment can be done with dermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical injections etc.

Laser treatment involves using laser beams for removing the top damaged part of the skin so that new skin growth is encouraged and the length and depth of the scar is reduced to negligible. Laser treatment requires many sittings for the desired results. It is normally done by a dermatologist.

None Invasive Treatment Methods

Dermabrasion is the use of tiny crystals for giving a light abrasive treatment on the top layer of the skin so that the scarring is reduced. With several sittings, the several top layers of the skin are removed and the scarring will e reduced in appearance. Depending on the depth of the rolling scar that you have dermabrasion can either completely remove the rolling scar or reduce it greatly so that the scar is almost invisible to the naked eye.Chemical injections are used as a temporary treatment method by many. It is very cost effective and gives good results for a short period of time. In this method, chemical injections are given on the scar tissue in order to soften it and make it blend with the surrounding skin.

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Invasive Methods

Out of the many invasive procedures for treating rolling scars, subscision is one of the newest and most effective treatment methods used these days. Subscision involves separating the scar tissue from the layers underneath it so that the scar tissue is released and blood flow in between the scar and the tissue underneath is restored.

Invasive Methods

This will reduce the appearance of the rolling scars and soften its appearance so that the scar will gel with the surrounding skin and a more even skin tone results. Subscision can be followed by other non invasive treatment methods like laser therapy and dermabrasion in order to prevent or reduce the appearance of a secondary scar which can form after this treatment.

All kinds of scar removal techniques will have limitations based on the type and depth of the scar that you have. If the scar is particularly severe and deep, they could still be visible even after several treatment methods.