How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Natural Remedies

Stretch Marks

Prevention is better than cure and more so in the case of stretch marks which can be considered as a grave skin problem. Women suffering from stretch marks after child delivery and obesity or any other reason, should understand that it is not possible to remove them completely.

However, stretch marks can be lightened to make their appearance less prominent and hidden from view. As the skin stained by stretch marks cease to retain its aesthetic appeal, it becomes important to follow these simple but effective natural cures to keep them at bay.

Stretch Marks Best Natural Cures

Keeping A Tab of Weight Fluctuations

Stretch marks usually develop if the skin is not firm and fluctuations in weight are uncontrolled. It is therefore crucial to keep a tab on weight loss as well as weight gain.

Keeping A Tab of Weight Fluctuations

Keeping the muscles toned and body in shape, helps in alleviating the causes connected with the emergence of stretch marks.

Vitamin E

The presence of Vitamin E in the body is very important for building up collagen fibers and maintaining its elasticity. Along with lightening the stretch marks, oils containing Vitamin E also go a long way in keeping the skin smooth and supple.

Almond Oil

Olive oil or almond oil can also be used for massaging the areas affected by stretch marks on the arms, hips, thighs or stomach.

Essential Oils

The properties of essential oils can be used for keeping the skin healthy and younger looking. You can mix 7 drops of natural lavender oil with 5 drops of pure chamomile oil. Add an ounce of mild carrier oil.

Lavender Oil

This concoction can be used as helpful remedy for making the stretch marks appear lighter along with hydrating the skin for the prevention of further damage.

Cocoa Butter

Coca butter cream has been used since times in memorial to cure skin conditions and reduce the concerns of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter contains elastin and can be applied topically on the affected areas for effective results. It improves the texture of the skin and also assists in fading away the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Take six capsules of Vitamin E oil and a few tablets of Vitamin A supplements. Mix together ½ a cup full of extra virgin oil and equal quantities of aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Gel

Add all these ingredients to a liquidizer and blend well. This liquid should be stored in a dark jar in the refrigerator or any other cool place. A small quantity of the same should be applied regularly on the stretch marks for best results.

Apricot And Wheat Germ Kernel Oil

An effective homemade remedy for the prevention of stretch marks can be made by mixing together equal parts of apricot kernel oil and wheat germ kernel oil with half a cup full of cocoa butter.

Wheat Germ Kernel Oil

Add a few teaspoons of Vitamin E oil and a heaped tablespoon of finely grated bee’s wax. All these ingredients should be blended well to achieve an ointment like consistency. However, women who are allergic to bee products or bee venom should avoid this remedy.

Apricot Scrub

A natural home based scrub made from oat meal or an apricot scrub helps in removing the dead skin and regenerating the growth of newer cells.

Apricot Scrub

As the skin becomes fresher and newer, the stretch marks start lightening and fade away gradually.

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Water And Folic Acid

Folic acid tablets and supplements prescribed to pregnant and lactating mothers help in keeping the stretch marks away. It is also important to consume at least eight glasses of water and plenty of liquids throughout the day.

Drink Water

Apart from keeping the skin hydrated and firm, water helps in moisturizing the skin and battling the stretch marks naturally.

Jojoba And Olive Oil

Jojoba Oil

A natural concoction made by mixing together equal quantities of aloe vera gel and jojoba oil can be applied on the regions affected by stretch marks for best results.

Physical Exercise

Putting on excessive weight around the abdomen and lower portions of the body, leads to the presence of stretch marks. Proper exercises and expert recommendations help intoning the muscles in these areas and keeping the stretch marks away. Certain yogic postures and relaxation techniques also help in alleviating the signs of stretch marks.

Physical Exercise

Healthy nourishment and a properly balanced diet helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and keeping it hydrated and firm. Stretch marks can certainly mar the look of the skin and should be controlled as far as possible. These simple natural remedies definitely help in preventing and lightening stretch marks.