How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Vaginal odor is a common problem in many women who experience it at some point. The reasons for vaginal smell can be varied although mostly it is triggered by a bacterial growth in the feminine area. This produces an unpleasant odor while causing intense itching in some cases. So, if you are suffering for vaginal smell but are rather embarrassed to consult a physician, here is a list of steps that can be undertaken to get rid of the odor all by yourself.

Thankfully, a number of remedies are available which can be greatly beneficial in combating the unpleasant smell of your vaginal area. However, even after implementing the following methods if the odor persists, it is best to consult your gynecologist before the problem becomes more severe.

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor


One of the best techniques to ward off vaginal smell is by carefully cleansing the feminine area. Use a clean wash cloth and dab an antibacterial soap on it before applying it gently on the vagina. However, do not scrub or vigorously rub the area as it can lead to irritation. Following the cleansing process, wash the vaginal area with warm water before drying it with a towel. But keep it in mind that a little bit odor in the vagina is pretty normal and it isn’t something to worry about.

Sexual Hygiene

Health experts reiterate that vaginal smells are elicited by excessive growth of microorganism in the feminine area. Following sex, the organisms are known to proliferate as the secretions facilitate their growth. The most effective way to hinder the growth of bacteria and other microorganism in the vagina is by taking a quick shower after sex. Beside this, urinating immediately after sex can also cleanse the body by excreting the secretions left in it.

Hair Removal

Presence of pubic hair increases the possibility of vaginal odor as it traps dirt, sweat, bacteria and other discharges in the body. Due to this, removing the pubic hair helps you get rid of the unpleasant smell produced by the vagina. In addition to this, public hair removal further reduces vaginal odor as it makes it easier for you to cleanse this area and keep it free from grime and discharges.

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Keep A Tab On What You Eat

Certain food items such as mushrooms, bear, bread and other sugary products enhance the growth of yeast in the vagina. So, in order to alleviate odor of the vagina, it is advisable that you reduce the intake of these food items or stop having them altogether. You would be amazed by the difference that the dietary changes make. Meanwhile, there are foods that fight vaginal odor and keep the body free from toxins. Citrus fruits, yogurt and Indian gooseberries reduce vaginal smell and must be included in plenty in your diet.

Wear Cotton Panties

Although fancy satin panties might give you an attractive look, they can further aggravate the problem. So, it is best to stick to cotton underwear as the material soaks up sweat and keeps your feminine area dry. Also, make sure that you change your panties whenever it emanates an unpleasant vaginal smell.

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