Most women have the intense desire to possess a large set of breasts. But not all women are blessed with large breasts.

Although, there is nothing wrong in possessing small breasts, having larger breasts help to boost the self-confidence of women. Their beauty is somewhat enhanced with the help of large breasts. Due to these reasons, most women try to grow their breasts. Although, several pills are available in the market, which claim to grow your breasts, not all women prefer to use these pills for breast growth.

Women, who do not want to take help of medicines for growing their breasts, have some other better options. If you are looking for some vital information on how to grow your breasts without medicine, then you may go through the following tips. The tips mentioned below will help you to grow your breasts without any medicine.

How To Grow Your Breasts Without Medicine:

Tip 1

If you are underweight they you will need to put on a few extra pounds. You must be aware that breasts are made of fatty tissues. Hence, your breasts will get bigger if you succeed in gaining weight. But while trying to gain weight, you must avoid gaining weight in the belly area otherwise your breasts may not appear larger in size. Women, who are already overweight, should skip this tip for growing their breasts.

Tip 2

Consumption of large amounts of caffeine can hamper the natural growth process. Therefore, you should avoid the intake of excess amount of caffeine to avoid stunted growth. Your body’s metabolism is enhanced by the intake of caffeine, which allows your body to burn extra fat. Since, your breasts are composed of fats; they get smaller due to enhanced metabolism.

So, in order to grow your breasts without medicine, you should restrict your daily intake of foods and beverages containing caffeine. Examples of caffeine rich foods include caffeinated coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolates, cocoa, etc.

Tip 3

Avoid wearing bra at home, particularly at night time. Studies reveal that the breast tissues get constricted due to a bra. Bra prevents the tissues from growing and developing.

Tip 4

Increase your intake of soy products, if you want to grow your breasts without medicine. A nutrient called phytoestrogen, which is equivalent to the natural estrogen is found in soy and soy products. When you increase soy consumption, it will act similar to the estrogen and thus will increase the size of your breasts.

Tip 5

The next tip to grow your breasts without medicine is to gently massage your breasts on a regular basis. You can also choose to massage your breasts with a breast-enhancing cream containing natural ingredients. Breast massage will promote smooth blood circulation, enabling the nutrients to reach the breast area easily. This will make your breasts appear fuller and larger.

Tip 6

You can grow your breasts without medicine by doing breast-exercise. Try to focus on chest exercises for increasing your bust size. Lifting weights regularly will promote the growth of your breasts. Butterfly presses, pectoral push-ups and pec-presses are some excellent exercises for breasts enhancement.