5 Ways To Heal Acne On The Back Of Arms

Acne On The Back Of Arms

Though facial acne gains more prominence when it comes to cosmetic concerns, acne on other parts of the body is no less troublesome. Acne at the back of the arms can also be a great concern for women who like to show off their toned arms. Here are some ways to attain clear skin that is smooth and acne free.

How To Heal Acne On The Back Of Arms

Use of Cleansers


Fortunately, acne formations on the arms are easier to control than the ones on the face simply because arms have fewer oil glands than on the face. Thus, using a mild cleansing formula which contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in moderation could be all that you need to clear up the problem. First you can try a milder cleanser containing salicylic acid. If it fails to give results within a few weeks, you might have to go for a benzoyl peroxide one. However, it is important to keep in mind that benzoyl peroxide cleansers can cause skin dryness as a possible side effect.

Using Loofah


Exfoliating the skin thoroughly while taking bath will help in removing the dead skin cells, grime, oil and dirt on the skin that can lead to clogging of the pores. A loofah can be used on the acne prone areas of your arms so that the skin does not retain the dead cells and grime and cause acne breakouts. Scrubbing can be done every day while bathing. Use a good cleanser before scrubbing and scrub gently to avoid the skin from getting irritated.

Loose Clothing

Loose Clothing

As tight clothing can irritate the acne affected skin on your arms, it is important to avoid synthetic and tight clothing that can lead to increased sweating and friction on the arms. This can aggravate the acne outbreaks. Wear loose and cotton garments which fan in enough air and prevent sweat and bacteria from clogging the pores. Your shirt can be short sleeved or sleeveless. Avoid lace materials which can be rough against your skin and long sleeves which could make your arms sweaty and cause bacteria to build up.

Showering After Exercise


Showering regularly is essential for keeping your body free from dirt and bacteria. Showering becomes even more important after you have exercised. Exercise will bring all the toxins on your body above the skin and hence showering immediately after the exercise becomes imperative when you are prone to acne on the arms and other parts of the body. Use a cleanser and loofah for scrubbing while you shower so that the bacterial action is diminished.



Wearing a sunscreen is important when you have acne on the arms. It is also important to use a sunscreen that is oil free so that the pores are again not clogged. Sun can aggravate acne prone skin and hence avoiding direct sunlight will help in retaining the moisture balance of the skin and sunburn. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and make sure that sunscreen is on even when it is cloudy.

5 Ways To Heal Acne On The Back Of Arms