5 Ways To Heal Acne With Acupuncture

Heal Acne With Acupuncture

There are many ways to treat acne and they offer varying degrees of relief for every individual. The traditional Chinese method of acupuncture too can be used for treating acne effectively. Acupuncture uses the technique of needle therapy for treating various disorders.

For acne related problems, acupuncturists use a combination therapy or one method for getting best results. Discussed below are various ways by which acupuncture can be used for acne treatment and what to expect during the treatment.

Ways To Heal Acne With Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment Methods

The treatment methods used in acupuncture for treating acne can be varied. Sometimes, the acupuncturist might use a single method for treating acne. Sometimes a combination remedy might be required which will involve acupuncture for treating hormone imbalance as well which too can cause acne problems in women.

Acupuncture methods like auricular acupuncture and hormone balancing acupuncture are the most commonly used acupuncture methods for treating acne. Hormone balancing acupuncture has more benefits for women who have hormone imbalances and menstrual problems like mood swings, menstrual cramps etc. which too will be cured with this procedure.

Acupuncture Treatment Methods

Diet and Acupuncture

A combination of diet and acupuncture is known to give better results in treating acne. Controlling ones diet by incorporating less oily foods and including fresh fruits and vegetables will help in reducing the secretion of excess oil into the skin surface, causing acne.

Along with acupuncture which helps in increasing the blood circulation on the skin surface, diet control too will help in gaining an overall better result in controlling acne.

Diet and Acupuncture

Exercise and Acupuncture

While you get acupuncture treatment, following a strict exercise regime helps in the healing process. This is because exercise helps in the reduction of stress and also in the increase of blood circulation in the body.

physical exercise

It burns excess fat and controls the oil secretion in the body as well. Ensure that you add at least an hour of exercise every day to burn the fat and increase the circulation so that the acupuncture sessions can be more valuable for healing.

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Importance of Choosing An Experienced Acupuncturist

Acupuncture being a highly specialised therapy session, it is important to choose a specialised person for the treatment. Though very few states ask for licensing when it comes to acupuncture, it helps to enquire about the credentials of the acupuncturist before you venture into getting an acupuncture treatment for your acne. A registered person will be able to chart out the right treatment plan without damaging your skin and other organs.

Experienced Acupuncturist

Results of Acupuncture

Acupuncture sessions can be expensive and require several sittings for the results to surface. It is important for the patient to be sensitized on such issues to prevent disappointment. At least three sittings are required for the results to start showing and as long as you are getting the treatment done through a registered practitioner, there is no need to worry about possible side effects with this method. However, like all medical practices, there is also a chance for failure with this treatment method. Sometimes, the treatment may not give the desired results even after seeking the service of the best acupuncturist.

Results of Acupuncture