Acne is a very common problem faced during teenage, adolescence,teenage as well as in adulthood. A multitude of problems like hormone imbalance, build-up of dirt, clogging of pores and bacterial action can be associated with acne formation. Heal Acne With Borax

Though OTC medications, creams and prescription medicines are the most commonly favoured treatment methods for acne, many of us are unaware that home remedies too exist for treating acne outbursts.

Borax, a mineral which is normally used as a buffering agent, laundry disinfectant and abrasive can be used for treating acne. Use of borax is mainly for facilitating exfoliation, elimination of bacteria and dead skin cells from the skin, which is the main cause of acne. However, care has to be taken while using borax on the skin to avoid side effects. Here are the steps for using borax on the skin and precautions to be taken.

Ways to Heal Acne With Borax

Take a medium sized bowl for preparing the mixture with borax. A number of ingredients have to be added along with borax for best results.Take a tablespoon of glycerine, 8 ounces of distilled water and half a teaspoon of camphor lotion. Add half a teaspoon of borax along with this.

The ingredients have to be mixed thoroughly with a spoon, slowly for proper blending before it is applied on the skin. Take a shower and cleanse your body well before using the mixture on your skin. Pat dry using a soft cotton towel. Wait until your skin dries completely.

Take a Shower

Start with your face. Apply the mixture on the face using a soft brush, covering areas that are prone to acne breakouts. You may use your fingers for spreading the mixture on the body and leaving a thin coat like a mask. The mixture will be sticky when you apply.Wait for the borax mixture to dry completely on the skin. It should no longer feel sticky when you touch with your fingers.

Borax Mixture

Now you can wash off the mixture. Make sure that traces of borax mixture do not remain on your skin as it could irritate the skin.Pat your skin dry using a soft cotton towel after the treatment. Continue the treatment until the acne outbursts subside completely.

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Borax is alkaline in nature and hence acts as a great cleanser and exfoliant of the skin, thereby eliminating acne formations and acne scars. The dead skin cells, oils and bacteria that are trapped in the pores of the skin will be eliminated with this treatment regime.


Though mild concentrations of borax are generally safe for use, care must be taken by women who are pregnant and those who have sensitive skin. Borax exposure can cause foetal abnormalities and hence pregnant women must avoid using this treatment. Children should also be protected from borax as it can cause toxic effects on the body.

Borax must also be handled carefully as it can contaminate food and clothes. Wash the areas that have come into contact with borax thoroughly and avoid using it near areas where food is kept.