Symptoms Of Vaginal Infections

Women of all ages often experience vaginal infections in life. This is one of the common female ailments that mostly go away naturally. Vaginal infections normally occur in the form of vaginal yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis are prevalent among them.

As the names suggest, all three forms of vaginal infections are caused due to overgrowth of bacteria and yeast. A healthy population of bacteria and yeast exist in and around the vagina naturally. Any disruption in the healthy balance of bacteria and yeast brings in a host of bothering symptoms giving rise to vaginal infection.

Sexually transmitted infections can also produce extremely irritable symptoms of vaginal infections, which are often difficult to cure. You can identify some common symptoms of vaginal infection before reaching out to your doctor, but these should be confirmed by the physician.

Tips To Identify The Symptoms Of Vaginal Infection

The following symptoms can provide enough indications that whether you are suffering from a vaginal infection or not.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Abnormal vaginal discharge is a sure indication that you are suffering from a vaginal infection. White, cheesy and odorless vaginal discharge often indicates vaginal yeast infection or candidiasis.

White or gray vaginal discharge accompanied by an unpleasant or fish like smell can be due to bacterial vaginosis. Greenish yellow, gray and frothy vaginal discharge is usually observed in case of Trichomoniasis infection. Carefully observe the vaginal discharge and report to your doctor for confirmation.

Vaginal Itching

Any type of vaginal infection is generally followed by vaginal itching. This itching is intense in case of vaginal yeast infection. Vaginal itching is also observed during pregnancy. Pregnant women should check for yeast infection as there are higher chances of contacting this infection in this period.

Frequent itching causes soreness in the vulva and women experience a burning sensation during urination. Women suffering from vaginal yeast infection may not experience abnormal vaginal discharge every time, but the itching persists.

Foul Odor From The Vagina After Sexual Intercourse

Symptoms Of Vaginal Infections

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If you observe foul odor from the vagina after sexual intercourse, then you may have contacted a vaginal infection. This is often accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge. Generally, bacterial infection in the vagina (bacterial vaginosis) is responsible for this condition. Sexually active women may contact sexually transmitted diseases, which may produce a foul odor.

Pain And Burning Sensation During Urination

You can identify the type of vaginal infection by observing the nature of pain and burning sensation during urination. If you feel the burning sensation when urine comes in contact with the vaginal skin, then it may be due to yeast infection. But if you experience pain and burning sensation while passing urine, then it is quite likely that you have developed urinary tract infection.

Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Pelvic pain during sexual intercourse is another common symptom of vaginal infection. This is normally observed in case of vaginal yeast infection or trichomoniasis. You should keep in mind that pain during intercourse alone cannot confirm vaginal infection. This can arise from a number of other disorders as well. Do not ignore this symptom but get yourself evaluated by your doctor immediately.

Bleeding After Intercourse

Certain vaginal infections like vaginitis, gonorrhea or Chlamydia can cause post coital bleeding. The symptom should be immediately brought to the notice of your general physician and the necessary treatments should be followed.

Painful Blisters And Sores In The Vagina

Certain sexually transmitted infections can cause blisters and sores in the vagina. Women suffering from genital warts or genital herpes may have a trying time in treating painful vaginal blisters and lumps.

Vaginal infections are often accompanied by more than one symptom and these should not be taken lightly. Sexually active women in their child bearing age are susceptible to a number of vaginal infections. Get yourself thoroughly checked by a gynae if there is prolonged abnormal vaginal discharge or discomfort in the vaginal area.

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