How To Improve Female Lubrication

How To Improve Female Lubrication

How To Improve Female Lubrication Female lubrication is a lubricating fluid that is produced in the vagina of a woman. A little amount of moistness is always present in the body of a female but it increases during any type of sexual activity or sexual arousal in a woman. Without lubrication, intercourse is difficult and it will give pain to the female and in such cases, artificial lubricants should be used for the augmentation of lubricants.

This is because vagina has not got any glands that will secret the lubricants. The main source of lubrication is plasma seeping from the walls of the vagina which occurs due to vascular engorgement.

Bartholins’s glands that are situated just below and to the right and left of the opening walls of the vagina secrete mucus that helps to augment these secretions. The problem with female lubrication generally arises due to the following factors and they must be resolved before they aggravate.

Improving Female Lubrication Tips


improve female lubrication

Stress is a major hindrance in female lubrication and as we advance in our age and hormonal changes occurs then the problem of lubrication arises.


Medications when taken in larger quantity leads to the problem of lack of lubrication. As antibiotics aggravate the dryness of the vagina.

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Sexual Activity

Slow down the activity of love making and give ample time to non sexual activities like kissing, fondling and hugging to make you fully charged up for further course. Try to do love making every time in a different way to make it fresh and alive. Stimulation is possible by kissing the whole body by your partner and stroking at two places.


The diet plays a vital role to get the right kind of response from your body. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet with plenty of water.

Increasing female lubrication

Avoid high cholesterol food and take supplements of vitamins and minerals, if needed. The healthiest diet you eat, the more healthy sexual relationship you will carry with your partner.


Lack of sexual activities tends to decrease the juices of the body. So keep doing it regularly to make a continuous connection and help your body to relax to get the maximum pleasure.


Lack of sleep also hinders the secretion of the lubricant from the vagina. Proper rest is necessary to make sex interesting otherwise you will not at all get lubricated even after a foreplay. Normally female lubrication starts with sending of the message to the brain that the clitoris and the vagina is ready for sixth sides of the vagina starts swelling and secretes a liquid that help in the penetration.

The arousal of a female takes more time than males. So tell your partner to be ready for foreplay and feel sexy. To resolve this issue, you can make notes on what type of activity gives you an adequate amount of lubrication and what is that hampers you. Even if you are not able to get proper lubrication, then use water based lubricant and gives your lovemaking a new level and gets the maximum fun out of it.