How To Increase Desire For Sex In Women

How To Increase Desire For Sex In Women Do you think your desire for sex has considerably plummeted lately? Does the prospect of making love to your man fail to get you that excited anymore? If answers to the questions are in the affirmative then one thing is for sure that you are experiencing lack of sexual desire or loss of libido.

While there are a number of ways to treat your low sex drive, first of all you need to acknowledge that you are indeed facing this problem. Most women shy away from admitting that they have lost interest in sex and this can be the ultimate kiss-of-death to your sexual life.

As a steamy sexual relationship does a lot to rekindle the romance between couples, your hesitation to acknowledge the problem might end up significantly aggravating your love life. Although initially you might be embarrassed to admit your low sex drive, you are surely not the only one suffering from this problem.

Loss of libido is a very common issue in women and a plethora of reasons can be responsible for it. While depression, anxiety or a history of sexual abuse might be the reason in some cases, low sex drive is also triggered by pregnancy, painful penetration and menopause. Regardless of the reason, here are some tricks which can be used to increase the desire for sex in women.

How To Increase Desire For Sex In Women

Find Out If You Have Any Physical Issues

In some cases, loss of libido can be indicative of greater problems in women. Vaginal dryness, negative drug interaction as well as imbalanced hormone secretion might be some of the physical reasons responsible for decreasing the sexual desire in women. Get in touch with your gynaecologist to find out if any physical problem is diminishing your desire for sex. Once the problem is identified, you can undertake the proper treatment methods.

Desire For Sex In Women

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Consume Libido-Boosting Foods

A variety of food items are considered to be greatly beneficial in improving the sexual desire as it enhances the female libido. Foods that are high in protein such as meat, fish and eggs as well as chocolates, asparagus, avocados and figs are all known to increase sex drive in women.

Say Yes To Sexual Experimentation

Always trying the same routine can make your sexual life pretty mundane. Spice up your lovemaking by trying out different sex positions or increasing the foreplay until you and your partner are completely aroused. Add a touch of vigor and spice to your sexual life to revive your desire for lovemaking.

Try Kegel Exercises

If a woman’s vaginal muscles get weak, sex ceases to remain enjoyable. One of the best solutions to this problem is performing Kegel exercises which play a significant role in increasing the strength of these muscles. This enhances sexual pleasure and makes lovemaking much more satisfactory for both partners.

Indulge In Exercising

In addition to Kegel exercises, it is important to indulge in aerobic exercising as it improves the blood flow across the body including the genitals. This boosts the desire for sex in both men and women. Meanwhile, regular exercising also helps you to stay in shape which increases self-confidence and makes you feel more desirable.

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