How To Know You Have Uterine Cancer By MRI Diagnosis

MRI Diagnosis To Identify Uterine Cancer

MRI Diagnosis To Identify Uterine Cancer Uterine cancer affects the uterine lining of a woman and most women who are above the age of 50 and have had menopause are susceptible due to their years of estrogen exposure.

Whilst there is no way that you can completely prevent the occurrence of uterine cancer, there are ways by which the diagnosis can be made at the early stage of the cancer itself so that the treatment becomes more effective and streamlined. These methods can be used by women in the high risk category to get diagnosed early on.

MRI Diagnosis To Identify Uterine Cancer

MRI scans are one of the most popular diagnostic methods used for identifying tumours and the extent of its spread. Most doctors ask for MRI diagnosis after they have checked for preliminary symptoms and have analysed the test reports of other diagnostic methods.

Once other tests like biopsy and ultrasound have confirmed the presence of tumour cells, MRI scan is recommended to measure the tumour size and the extent of spread. This will help in deciding the best treatment method for uterine cancer.

Procedure For MRI Scan

An MRI scan is undertaken to measure the spread of uterine cancer from the initial site. This is important to asses which stage the cancer is and what treatment will work best.

On the day of the scan, the radiologist will inject a material into your vein. This material helps in creating a contrast between vital areas of your body that have to be scanned. Creating a contrast will help in better clarity when the image is generated. Tumour cells will be more clearly visible with a greater contrast.

MRI Diagnosis To Identify Uterine Cancer

MRI scan involves putting your body into the machine which resembles a tube. The procedure takes about an hour where you will remain inside the tube for scanning. Magnetic and radioactive waves are emitted by the machine and the body of the person absorbs the energy and generates the internal images which are transmitted through a computer screen.

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The images that the computer screen gives out will be clear enough for the physician to detect the tumour and spread of tumour to other areas of the body. Once the MRI scan is complete, the results will be analysed by your physician and discussed with you. Magnetic resonance imaging is only one of the several testing methods that are used for the diagnosis of uterine cancer.

The result of the test if found to be suspicious or inconclusive must not be taken as the only diagnostic tool for confirming uterine cancer. All test results must be checked for conclusive evidence and the biopsy must be done as well for confirming the presence of uterine cancer.

With the help of MRI scan, the treatment can be planned as per the stage of cancer. The results given by MRI are very clear and hence good for identifying the areas where the cancer has metastasized. As in the case of all cancers, uterine cancer too offers great hope for patients if diagnosed early enough.