How To Live With Cervical Cancer

how to live with cervical cancer

how to live with cervical cancer Cervical cancer is the commonest form of cancer that affects women. Being a cancer without symptoms at the initial stages, it’s unfortunate that many women get to know their status towards the last stage when almost nothing can be done to save them.

Cervical cancer however, is still known to have a very good survival rate which is very encouraging for many women.

Women who have survived cervical cancer might have a host of worries and fears in their mind that is again detrimental to their health. Once detected with cervical cancer does not always mean that you have to go into recurrence. Regular checkups and a healthy life style will ensure that you are completely protected from the claws of the disease and live a long and healthy life.

How Do I Live With Cervical Cancer

1. The first thing to do is to remove all your fears about the disease. Fear and stress can play havoc with your immunity and make you susceptible to infections. If you have had the disease once, regular checkups will be a routine part of your life and you will be able to detect any abnormality early on. Cervical cancer can be cured completely in 95% of the cases and hence you need not worry much about your situation if at all a recurrence crops up.

2. Ensure that your immune system is strong and you consume healthy and a balanced diet to stay away from diseases. It is better to avoid all acidic foods and go on an alkaline diet which helps in staying away from cancer. Include fresh fruits and vegetables that are antioxidant in nature to protect your body from free radical damage.

3. When diagnosed with cervical cancer, you must have a talk with your doctor as to which treatment best suits your plan. If you are young and would like to have kids, ensure that your fertility is intact and everything possible is done to keep your fertility intact. This can mean going for egg or embryo freezing if you are married or avoiding a hysterectomy if possible. Most doctors recommend combination therapies like a surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Ensure that your priorities are communicated to the doctor in advance.

4. Talking to others and also friends and family members who can offer you great support will help you calm down and relax. It is very essential to surround yourself with love and care to survive a disease like cancer. Positive thoughts and actions will increase your confidence and immunity and help you deal with the situation effectively.

5. Stay away from all kinds of bad habits like drinking and smoking which can aggravate your situation and reduce the efficacy of medications.

6. If you are in the advanced stages of cervical cancer, you may opt for clinical trials where new developments and medications will be used on you as a trial. Since there is very little hope, you can benefit from the trials if it is a success.

7. Make time for charity work and volunteer your services for cancer patients. This is particularly good if you are a cancer surviver.

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