How To Live With Ovarian Cancer

Many women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, some in their initials stages and some in their terminal stages and some others hanging in between. All these people will be in a depressed state of mind and would require varying degrees of care and love from their near and dear ones.

If you are one of those women who have survived cancer or are under treatment or in the terminal stages of cancer, there are many ways by which you can make life more pleasant and happy. Here’s how.

Ways To Live With Ovarian Cancer

First and foremost thing to be taken care of is to try and replenish your body back to a healthy weight. For this you must eat well. For cancer survivors, this comes easy. For those under treatment and the ones in the terminal stages, eating well could be a difficult thing.  They would have nausea, indigestion and a whole lot of problems to deal with. Try and eat what you can and make sure that you do not prevent your body from getting vital nutrients.

Being active will help you stay away from brooding. If you cannot be physically active, at least make sure that you are mentally active with many pleasant pursuits which will help you cope better and not think about your condition much. Meditation and some physical exercise will help recuperate fast.

It is a good idea to join a voluntary organisation or a cancer support group where you can actively support the members or help others who are terminally ill or are under treatment. This would be an encouragement for them, especially if you are a survivor. You can help them hang on to the thin thread of hope and come out as a survivor.

For cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment, it is very important to stick to your doctor’s prescriptions and medical necessities. Giving up hope at any point of time will only make your condition worse. It is important to understand that even in the advanced stages of cancer, there is a 17.5% survival rate. One of them could be you!

Those who have survived ovarian cancer must keep their eyes open for any signs of recurrence. This will prevent the need for rigorous treatment methods and help the doctor to treat your disease at the beginning stage itself.

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A strong support system is very essential for terminally ill patients and those undergoing treatment. To keep away from stress and tension is the best way to get well soon. Friends, family members, children- all must be near you and help you recover while you are under treatment.

Be aware of the new developments in ovarian cancer. Even when you are terminally ill, you can still be a part of clinical trials which could offer you solace or sometimes worsen your condition depending on the competence of the treatment and also on your body’s response to the treatment.

Be optimistic! A strong mental capacity in a person can help him fight all odds and emerge a winner. Fighting cancer required immense mental strength and it is this strength that helps you fight even the most hopeless cases and survive miraculously.