How To Lose Weight With P90X

How To Lose Weight With P90X

How To Lose Weight With P90X Morph from regular to a trim and well-defined body in just ninety days with Beachbody’s vigorous home fitness DVD – the P90X system that can be your best buddy in shaping up for good.

Brainchild Tony Horton has devised this amazing result-oriented plan to include twelve diverse forms of workouts (one strength-trains, does cardiovascular and body tightening exercises) performed in a rotational manner for six to seven days in a week with every session lasting sixty to ninety minutes in duration.

The P90X system costing almost 120 dollars comprises of a batch of twelve exercise DVDs that work in trio stages – 21 days of intensive exercises that build your physique followed by a seven day period of recuperative exercises and the cycle continues. The initial 21 days of every cycle contains new-fangled exercises that really challenge you – the objective being to prevent your body from reaching a plateau phase and avert boredom.

Pre-requisite For P90X Workout

This rigorous exercise schedule isn’t for the faint-hearted or those who are overly obese or ail from some health problems like heart conditions, issues of low back, knees, ankles or hips etc. However, being really athletic or in great form isn’t a must either.

Due to the intensity of this workout every interested individual has to go through a fitness test prior to placing an order for it. The lesser taxing P90 system is a better starting option for those who are completely out of form and fail the fitness test. People who find some moves or exercises simply impossible to perform must avoid doing it.

Elastic resistance tubes, chin-up bar and fitness mat are a few other gears required in order to get started with the P90X workout. Do invest in good-quality footwear with shock-absorbers for preventing any injuries.

How To Lose Weight With P90X

How To Lose Weight With P90X

Exercises are deliberately devised for pushing the body to do exercises with hardly any resting periods interspersed in between them, which helps in maintaining optimal cardiac rate. The plethora of exercise schedules attempt at confusing muscle groups to help the body reach its max potential.

Some of the DVDs include strength exercises specifically targeting precise areas of the body on a daily basis while some others lay emphasis on ‘plyos’ (highly intense exercise forms for producing swift, powerful moves to enhance speed and power), progressive martial arts form Kenpo kickboxing, cardiovascular routines, stretching exercises and abdominal or core strengthening moves . The 1 ½ hour long yoga DVD can be rather taxing, particularly for people not habituated to it.

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P90X Nutrition Plan

The tri-phased nutrition plan obtainable along with the DVDs has been created by dietician Carrie Wiatt to edify people on the right way of eating that promotes the fat melting and muscle building process.

The first phase is a dietetic plan which is protein-rich and less in carbs as well as fats while the second energy-boosting phase emphasizes on a balanced intake of carbs, proteins and miniscule amounts of fats. The final phase aims to maximize endurance by leaning more towards complex carbohydrates, reasonable quantity of proteins and skimming on fats.

P90X – Your Personal Fitness Coach At Your Disposal

Due to a vast variety of exercises and constantly being pushed around to do them everyday is akin to having your very own fitness coach but at an affordable rate. Moreover, the expenses related to gym memberships are also saved as a result.


Dedication, consistency and being fairly fit will help you breeze through the program and results are dependent on the level of efforts put in.