How To Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer By Losing Weight

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Overweight or obese women are not only vulnerable to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, but they also carry a high risk of developing breast cancer. Researches have proved that overweight women have high risks of breast cancer than those with normal body weight. Among other risk factors of breast cancer extra body fat also can have a significant contribution in developing this killer disease.

Researches published in the American Medical Association clearly indicate that women who have gained more than 55 pounds of weight after the age of 18 have a higher risk of breast cancer(about 1.5 times) than those who did not put on much weight after teens. The risk of breast cancer reduces significantly (about 57%) in case a woman lost 22 pounds post menopause regardless of her overweight condition in the pre menopausal phase. Some researches also prove that weight gain in women before menopause decreases the risk of breast cancer whereas the situation reverses with the post menopausal weight gain.

Reason For High Risk of Breast Cancer in Overweight Women Post Menopause

Risk of breast cancer in overweight women post menopause is mainly related with the levels of estrogen hormone. During the pre menopausal phase, estrogen is produced by the ovaries which stop after attaining menopause. The fatty tissues of the body start producing estrogen after attaining menopause. The enzyme Aromatase present in the adipose tissue converts androgen hormones into estrogen. This excess estrogen production post menopause increases the risk of breast cancer in women.

How to Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer by Losing Weight

Low Fat Diet

Dietary modifications are absolutely necessary to reduce the extra flab. There is no such proven cancer preventing food or diet, but you can always choose a healthy diet to strengthen your body immunity system and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Switching to a low fat diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer significantly. A study shows that women who derived only 25% of their daily calorie requirement from fats had lower rates of breast cancer recurrence. Moreover, a low fat diet with high amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains will supply the necessary vitamins and minerals essential for the body immunity system.

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Regular Physical Exercises

There have been enough researches to prove that regular physical exercises can reduce your body weight and lower the risk of breast cancer. According to a study, brisk walking for one-and half hours to two and half hours per week reduces the risk of this dreadful disease by 18%. Brisk walking for more than 10 hours a week lowers the risk of breast cancer appreciably. The American Cancer Society suggests regular 45-50 minutes of physical exercises to lower the risk of breast cancer.

Reduce Your Abdominal Fat

Researchers often link abdominal obesity with high breast cancer risk though it is yet to be proved scientifically. Studies based on data point out higher incidence of breast cancer both in premenopausal and post menopausal women having high BMI and high waist /hip ratio. Excessive adipose tissue poses high risk of breast cancer and abdominal adiposity may add to the risk. Adopt short sessions (20-30 minutes) of cardio vascular exercises regularly to reduce abdominal fat.

Never reduce your physical activities after attaining menopause. On the other hand, you should be extra cautious about your body weight and adopt every possible measure to keep it under control. Post menopausal women tend to gain weight, which can invite dreadful diseases in the future.