How To Manage Cervical Cancer

how to manage cervical cancer

how to manage cervical cancer Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancerous tumours that affect a woman’s reproductive system. With a survival rate of as much as 95% if detected early, women need not worry much about it if they undergo regular tests and treat the disease in the early stages itself. If you are detected with cervical cancer, the first thing to do is to remain calm and prevent your mental strength from falling apart. When you have your mental strength in place, things fall into place naturally. Along with the treatment methods like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical intervention, you need other things as well to increase your chances of a complete cure. Here’s how.

Effective Tips To Manage Cervical Cancer

1. Diet plays an important role while you are under cancer treatment. An acidic diet will encourage the growth of cancer cells. Stay away from acidic foods completely during the treatment. Instead include food that is alkaline and good for fighting cancer. Blueberries, broccoli, garlic, cayenne pepper, omega 3 fatty acids etc. are some foods that can fight cancer effectively. Stay away from processed and refined food and also from preservatives and chemicals.

2. Try alternative therapies for pain relief and also for developing immunity. Acupuncture can help in fighting diseases with development of immune system and is also good for pain relief. This treatment method can be undertaken in conjunction with the medications and chemotherapy as it will not block the efficiency of your other treatments. In case if you do not believe in such therapies, it is still a good idea to try them.

3.  Stress and tension will eat your immunity and make all the medications and treatment worthless. Therefore, keep away from stress as much as possible. Engage in relaxing activities and make sure that you have friends and relatives around you who can offer you emotional as well as physical support. Knowing that people care and love you is motivation enough for getting well soon.

4. Use pain relief medications for keeping the pain under control. Most women experience pain in the back, legs and pelvic region. Anaemia is another concern as the periods are long and heavy for patients suffering from cervical cancer. Iron medications can be taken to combat the problem. Along with that you, might also want to control your menstruation for which birth control pills will be administered. Vaginal discharge and infections require antibiotics to be taken. Your doctor will guide you in all these things.

5. Talk to your doctor about alternative medicines that you can take, Natural and herbal methods of treatment undertaken along with your regular treatment will help in recovering fast and also in reducing and destroying the cancer cells in the body.

However, make sure that these herbal and natural medicines do not block the effectiveness of the regular medications that you take. Any complimentary therapy can help in making your life better and coping with the disease well.

Cervical cancer survivors must make sure that Pap smear and other recommended tests are done on a frequent basis as per the directions of an oncologist.